Tete-a-Tete 1 Beautifully wrapped in pink skin,
She came to me
With closed eyes,
Tiny fingers,
Miniature features.
She lay there with perfect dimensions,
Just perfect enough for my arm.
She is mine, to keep,
To love,
To nurture …

From birth to death—from spring to fall—from happiness to sadness—from friendship to love, Tête-à-Tête is a poignant collection of refreshing poems and accompanying conversations that share the kind of holistic view of the world that Beverly Maitland hopes will inspire others to connect with their inner selves and share their own personal stories. As Maitland reflects on life and our intrinsic ability to prevail over challenges; nature’s capability to nurture even the most tired soul through a captivating sunset or starry night; and the true joy that complements unconditional love, she shares an uplifting message that no matter what the obstacles in life, our world is truly exquisite.

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