Empowered Parent

In every corner of the world, where there is a school, there is a struggling child. From Boston to Bangkok, from New York to the Netherlands, from the East Coast to the West Coast, students struggle in schools. In The Empowered Parent, author, parent, and teacher Beverly Maitland shares six basic but powerful strategies to help your child succeed in school, one hour at a time.

Beverly Maitland provides real-family examples, guiding parents into a strategic and unique plan suitable for each family, no matter what circumstances surround their lives. Seeking to help children from birth through high school, she shares simple secrets that can empower parents to understand who they are as parents and what power they naturally have within them to value their responsibilities and to lead their children to a life of success beyond the classroom.

Filled with techniques and usable information, The Empowered Parent communicates that every outstanding achievement may come with considerable sacrifice and difficult struggles, in which the parent and the child must be equal participants. Even so, just one hour of consistency each day can turn your child away from the path of defeat and toward the mark of success.

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