God Still Turns Mountains Into Plains

I like mountains—from a distance that is. When they are covered in fog, feathered with green-bluish leaves, covered in snow, or simply snuggled beneath puffy white blankets of clouds. However, when they become synonymous to life’s struggles, I can’t say that I like them. More than likely you can’t either. We may use different lexicon... Continue Reading →

What Will You Do When Jesus Finds You?

  Crowds traveled the dusty streets of Jerusalem to find the Savior. Multitudes flocked the hills to learn about the treasures of His kingdom, and many huddled in the temple to hear His words. Although thronged by the crowd, Jesus made time for some personal encounters. For example, Zacchaeus was looking for Jesus, but I... Continue Reading →

You Have To Desire Him

Why would Peter immediately leave fishing to follow Jesus? Why would Zacchaeus run ahead to climb a tall tree just to get a view of Jesus, or why did Nicodemus seek Jesus after hours? One answer is desire. They had an overwhelming craving for the knowledge and ministry of Jesus. Peter wanted it more than... Continue Reading →

You Have To Keep Searching

People all over the world are searching for things to fill their lives. Some believe they have found what they are looking for; but finding Jesus is the first greatest find. Finding His truths is second, and if you haven't found both, you have to keep searching. Contrary to what we believe, the search for... Continue Reading →

You Have To Find A Way…

There may be something that you want to do, you want to be or you want to accomplish, but mountains stand in your way. You may be thinking, there is no other way around these mountains. But, if what you want is really yours to have, you have to find a way. Finding a way... Continue Reading →

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