Day 11: Time to Reflect

Sometimes, after years of searching
We find ourselves
We find our souls
We find the passion that
Ignites our beings and
Makes our inner beauty glow

Sometimes, after years of seeking
We find our fortunes
We find our dreams
We find the main thing that
Moves our spirits and
Makes our true essence show

Sometimes, after years of stillness
We find our freedom
We find our wings
We find the purpose that
Directs our steps and
Brings a new tomorrow

Thank you for taking the journey so far. Words like blueprint, recall, imperfect medium, risk and design make it sound as if you are in a construction house. In a way we are. We do need fresh ways to view ourselves and to give us a better understanding of how we got here, and how we can get out of here.

Reflect on the simple, but important fortunes that you have found this week. God is not discouraged by your imperfections. He is encouraged by them to save and help you overcome them. He sent the perfect medium. He is waiting for you to reach perfection. Today, simply ask Him to help you get there. He’ll direct you to more fortunes that will lead the way.

Enjoy your time of reflection.
Mediation: Psalm 139

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