Day 7: Your Blueprint is one of your best fortunes

IngenuityDo you want to discover yourself, find the coveted purpose we are all seeking and fulfill the perfect thought? Then get to know your blueprint. Your blueprint is the only road map to who you are; and when you find your truest self, you will find everything. Otherwise, you will be wandering, lost in a crowded world.

If your blueprint is one of your best fortunes, then I am sure you are wondering, where is my blueprint and how I can find it?

Let us follow the principle. Many of us have the basic understanding of a blueprint, that it shows the layout and details of a design. Blueprints come in different forms. For musicians, they are musical sheets. For builders, they are architectural drawings. For you, your blueprint is everything that makes up the complete design of you. Your DNA, your fingerprints, your image, your character; they are all written down in your blueprint. We can easily obtain the plan of a building or the musical sheet for a song, but how can you access your blueprint?  There is only one answer to that…seek.

Designers own the blueprint for their design. Therefore, your Designer has yours. Does He have a drawing of it somewhere?  So where can you find it?

I have three recommendations for where you can look for the blueprint.

Look within: For many designs, the blueprint and the design are separate entities. Not so with God, the blueprint that made us is what makes us who we are. Essentially, each man is the only personification of his blueprint. God has the original blueprint in His mind and He placed a copy, right inside of us; genetically in our DNA, spiritually in our hearts, and intellectually in our minds. To understand our blueprints genetically, we can learn about our bodies. Spiritually, God is willing to communicate to us about ourselves through His indwelling spirit. Intellectually, He gave us the Bible, our instructional Manual, that gives details about ourselves and how to operate as His design.

Look outside of yourself: Blueprints expose the mind of the designer. Knowing that the thought of you was born in the mind of an infinite God, should give you worth, and is the blessedness that beautifies you. Designers are sentimentally attached to their design and God has such a heartfelt crush on humanity. He is extremely proud of you. Get to know Him and you will get to know yourself. A blueprint also illustrates the characteristics of its designer. We are created in the image of God, says Genesis 1:27. Glimpses of God in nature, and in everyday miracles of your life, will unveil glimpses of your blueprint and who you are made to become.

Reflect: Self-reflection, another way to look within, is one of the best eye-openers. Think about what you mean to your Designer. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Analyze your past experiences. Then, the components of the blueprint that makes you who you are, will stand out.

Since your blueprint is theoretically you, essentially, you are your best fortune. Within you is wealth worth sharing. Within you are broken pieces worth mending, don’t be scared of the darkness you may find inside. Within you is the one thing God gave you to share with the world—purpose. Will you deprive us of that?

You may feel like a failure sometimes, like things are falling apart, and that you are so weak when it comes to the strongholds of fear, desire and hatred. But, fixing our problems, lies within us. Listen to the voice within, wooing you to come back to yourself. The best person to climb out of any trench, is you. People can always throw a rope down to you, until you reach for it and climb out, the rope will just be dangling. Fortitude, willpower and courage are all embedded in your blueprint. Find the victory to rise up and step up to the ideals God has for you.

A car cannot change its punctured tire. As the owner of your blueprint, God knows every detail of your life. He is interested in resolving the unresolved issues you have, according to His will. Lift up your head, look up to Him and reach for that perfect thought. Blueprints are the core of designs, and is the essence of who you are. Discover yourself. Do not miss out on this worthy discovery, because then the world will miss out on getting to experience the finest of who you are.

Psalm 139:13 and Jeremiah 29:11, “For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb…For I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord…”

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