Day 12: You have to Face the Competition

olderWherever you are in your corner of the world, you will have competition. Facing a competitor is not a welcoming thought when you wake up in the morning. There is competition in the home, in the neighborhood, on the job and on the road.  It is difficult rising to the challenge of competition, but facing the competition is one way to reveal your self-worth.

Let us follow the principle. Every designer has had a competitor. Microsoft and Apple. Nike and Reebok. Coke and Pepsi. Our Designer has competition too. The first competition started in heaven. According to the Bible, Lucifer wanted to take over, and God was not having it. God will declare Himself to be just and true as God. Therefore, He had to face His competitor. In the midst, headaches, wars, poverty, disasters, diseases, death and dishonesty swarm our world. Still, if God had given up, we would not be here.

We cannot be mad because He decided to stand up to Satan. I mean, He is God. Still we ask, “Why did not He just get rid of Satan and the other angels?” Let me ask you this, when you face your competition, do you brutally murder your competitor? Just because Apple came into being does not mean Microsoft will gun them down. Competition does not work that way. The competition, like a fever, has to run its course. Microsoft and Apple will run side by side until one prevails. Competitors compete until one conquers. Good and evil will run side by side until one outdoes the other—however long it takes, for God to fulfill His purposes. Based on the God we serve, although evil seems to have an edge, be hopeful, good will eventually prevail.

Accordingly, everyone has to face two competitions in life.

The first is our personal competition. I am facing one right now by writing this blog. There are so many well established authors and websites out there, but I believe God’s word. We are now twelve days into the journey and by day two, I had challenges. I found a few fortunes about facing the competition.

No one can understand the value of what you bring to the table as much as you do. Stick with it even when others do not. There will be other voices in your head about how to handle the competition, be open to criticisms, but be more confident in your abilities.

Do what pleases God first, not what pleases the crowd.

In your personal circumstances, as you compete in your work, school, home, or professional life, remember this: just because the competitor is popular or edging ahead, does not mean that what you have to offer is not substantial. People who are fearful of competition often fall into the pit of worthlessness and futility. If what you have to offer brings value to your life and others, then face the competition with confidence. It is not always about winning; it is about finding the fortunes within. By facing the competition, you may lose some battles, but not your self-worth. However, when you face a competition with nobility and win, you will get double rewards—victory and self-worth.

The second is spiritual competition. People who are afraid of this competition, tend to join the competitor. However, just as apples were never meant to be oranges, those who join the competitor will not be able to find their God given purpose and self-worth. Humans are upset with the God whom they pinpoint as responsible for this messy world. Therefore, they become carefree, careless and switch to the competitor’s side. People may turn to Apple when they feel failed by Microsoft, just as many have become atheists or ignore God, when they feel failed by Him.

However, switching sides is hardly the solution. Every day we have to face the trials and tests of life; they are part of the competition. All the current evils in the world is sadly, part of the competition.

Competitors of similar interests merge, but there is no neutral ground and no merger when it comes to the competition between good and evil. The devil and God definitely have different interests. The competitor markets dishonesty, and God markets honesty. The competitor promotes covetousness and gossiping. God promotes thankfulness and truthfulness. The competitor markets lewdness and shame. God markets holiness and honor.  The competitor uses worldly items to steal away time and talents. God welcomes everyone to share time with Him and use their talents for others. The devil does not believe in the recalls; he wants people to think they are perfect just the way they are, without Jesus. But Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth and the life…Come to Me.”

Our Designer is offering us perfection to return to His ideal thought, while the competitor is offering something else. To settle for anything less than perfection is to undermine the worth of the sacrifice Jesus made on your behalf. Why settle? Whose side are you on?  Examine yourself and your life, consider where you are in the spiritual competition.

We can overcome any competitor through persistence in prayer and firmness in faith. If you want to find your truest self and fulfill the perfect thought God has for you, then you have to face the competition in your personal circumstances and in your spiritual circumstances. David faced the competition and all He did was throw a stone. Moses faced the competition and He had to throw more than just a stone. Samson faced the competition, joined them for a while, then he finally found his footing. To face the competition, we may have to do little or a lot. But, we have to do something. Do your part and then let God fight the battles for you as you face the competition. Do not sit down in despondency. Get up. Face the competition. Victory is on the way


Ephesians 6:11-12: “Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places” (NLT).

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