Day 24: Spectators Are All Around You

Display daysI have been to a few art shows. Actually, in December 2015, I attended one at my daughter’s college. You will find interesting items at an art show. Perhaps you have been to an art show as well. If not, then I think everybody has been to some kind of show where things are on display. Even if it is a show and tell at a school.

Let us follow the principle. Here is the tricky part. Think about a show you have attended. Now, take some time and reflect on your attitudes at the show. Maybe you have giggled a bit at the funny looking art or performances. Maybe you have had jaw dropping moments of surprises, both good and bad. Maybe you only appreciated the art that you went to support. Sadly, it happened to all of us, it us our human nature to criticize and condemn. But, we should change that.

Just like art that is on display, while we are on display in the world gallery, at times we will also become the subject of praises, laughter, criticism and condemnation. Spectators are all around us, and sometimes, they can be scary people. It is like the audience at a show, if they like you, you will get applause and calls for encore. If they do not like you, then you may get booed. No wonder children are afraid to go on stage, they are intimidated by the spectators.

While we are on display for our Master Designer, spectators are also around us. They come in the form of family, friend, foe, and even strangers. There are the talkative spectators, they would not be quiet so that you can enjoy the show. They will tell you what should have happened, who should have done what, and how it should be done.  There are the observant spectators, they quietly linger in the background to watch and learn. There are those who appreciate the display just because… just because the display is from hands that did heart and hard work. There are those condemning spectators, one slip up and you are throw the door, out of the show. Boos, boos, boos, no more of you. Bring out the best, bring out the best.

Did they do that to Jesus? Yes, they did. He was there dying on the cross and some were mocking Him. Spectators are all around you. The noble ones are God sent; they are ready to give you encouragement and support. We do not have to worry about the encouraging ones; the others however, should be our concern. Some are like the Pharisees trying to deceive you. Some are like Judas waiting to betray you. Others are like the people who cried “Crucify Him” ready to condemn you. Beware!

How did Jesus handle spectators?

He prayed constantly, for Himself and the spectators.

He loved all of them, those who came to learn and those who came to criticize.

He knew Himself, His blueprint and His purpose.

He knew the word of God; it was His weapon.

He knew the Master Designer, His Father.

Since He knows about our earthly experiences, He promised to send the Spirit to teach us all of these things.

When you follow His guide and abide by His teachings, then your display will be a beautiful one. Spectators will talk, but their talk will die out. They will criticize but their criticism will subside. They will cast you out, but Jesus will uphold you. His promise to His design, is “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” Spectators are all around you, but do not forget that the Master Designer is a steadfast Spectator, and He is your biggest fan. The eyes of the all-seeing God, is set on you. Make Him proud, while you are on display.

Deuteronomy 31: 6, “So be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid and do not panic before them. For the LORD your God will personally go ahead of you. He will neither fail you nor abandon you”(NLT).


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