Oh, How He Loves You!

Oh, How He loves you so! That before time’s wand sparked all creation He carved your features, and considered you And thoughts of you He’s been thinking, truly, Are as much as the sand’s infinity Why does He love you so? He bottles all your tear drops in a jar He’s always near, even when... Continue Reading →

I’m a Tree

I'm but a tree Lord, come and plant me Let my roots go deep Deep down in thee And pull up nutrients From the fertile soil Of thy eternal love. Plant me by rivers That I may bring forth Rich, eternal fruits Make me not a sapling But let me rise high As a timber... Continue Reading →

I Am Dust

Remember me, Oh Lord For I am but dust Particles of dirt Soiled by sinful lust Grit and Grime. Remember, I am but Animal's decay Broken down remains A rough patch of clay I am dirt. Made in thy image seems Mockery to Thy name But not to thee, for Thou knowest my frame I... Continue Reading →

7 P’s For Parenting This School year

A new school year begins, many parents and students are happy, even ecstatic, about the new year. Undoubtedly, somethings are new. Thank God for new starts, new friends, new teachers, new opportunities and new schools. However, the newness comes with some tremor and nervousness in the hearts of many as they wish that this year... Continue Reading →

About Finding Fortunes

As sojourners on this earth, we are always seeking to enhance our lives.  Your search has brought you to Finding Fortunes, the place where we share fortunes that help people to face the challenges of life.  We encourage readers to recognize them, accept them and then use the fortunes you find here color their lives... Continue Reading →

Ezekiel’s Message to Humanity

Thank you for joining us on this 30- day journey in our series, "Rising from the Ruins: Lessons from Ezekiel." I pray that God has enriched your relationship with Him through the lessons of Ezekiel. We have reached our last post, to God be the glory. Ezekiel's message was a mixture of harsh truths and... Continue Reading →

Ezekiel’s Message About God

Display the splendor of the Taj Mahal, boast about the opulence of the Burj Khalifa, lay out the most scenic landscapes and gaze upon the lofty arenas of our world and you will find ruins amongst the riches. The round world has spun through the seasons of time. From one century to another, we have... Continue Reading →

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