Rest Me in Thy Love

Rest me in thy love Lord Like a fallen bird with a tattered wing Lay me in the palm of thy hands Smooth my ruffled feathers And heal my broken wing Set me free to scale the heights And hear the songs I sing Rest me in thy love Lord Like John upon thy breast,... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Touch

What's in a touch The brush of edges Where surfaces unite What's in a touch The point of contact Where compulsions collide A touch of breath Gave humanity birth Eve's touch did cast A curse upon the earth An angel's touch Impaired Jacob's hips A touch of fire Purged Isaiah's Lips Uzzah's quick touch Caused... Continue Reading →

Liberty or Victory

There is liberty and there is victory, which one do you prefer?  Yes, it is a matter of choice. Many people prefer to win than to be free, and some prefer to be free than to win. Both are good for us depending on what we are liberated from and what we are victorious in.... Continue Reading →

Between Me and He

I’m thirsty Lord, I say to Him. Come, drink! He says to me. For I’m living water, drink and you’ll never thirst again. And I say, Sir, give me this water. And He fills me up and quenches my thirst. I’m hungry Lord, I say to Him. Come, eat!  He says to me. For I’m... Continue Reading →

Oh, How He Loves You!

Oh, How He loves you so! That before time’s wand sparked all creation He carved your features, and considered you And thoughts of you He’s been thinking, truly, Are as much as the sand’s infinity Why does He love you so? He bottles all your tear drops in a jar He’s always near, even when... Continue Reading →

I’m a Tree

I'm but a tree Lord, come and plant me Let my roots go deep Deep down in thee And pull up nutrients From the fertile soil Of thy eternal love. Plant me by rivers That I may bring forth Rich, eternal fruits Make me not a sapling But let me rise high As a timber... Continue Reading →

I Am Dust

Remember me, Oh Lord For I am but dust Particles of dirt Soiled by sinful lust Grit and Grime. Remember, I am but Animal's decay Broken down remains A rough patch of clay I am dirt. Made in thy image seems Mockery to Thy name But not to thee, for Thou knowest my frame I... Continue Reading →

7 P’s For Parenting This School year

A new school year begins, many parents and students are happy, even ecstatic, about the new year. Undoubtedly, somethings are new. Thank God for new starts, new friends, new teachers, new opportunities and new schools. However, the newness comes with some tremor and nervousness in the hearts of many as they wish that this year... Continue Reading →

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