This week, we saw how Ezekiel exposed the power of God as He worked in the ruins. Sometimes, the words were harsh, seemingly cruel. However, God wanted to make very bold on the banner, the ugliness of sin. And, isn’t Ezekiel extremely bold in his declaration?

God also wanted to make bright his offer of redemption, and Ezekiel lights a candle of hope in every chapter of the dark ruins.  God doesn’t plan to leave us in the darkness of the ruins, you just need to find Him in the ruins because, He is there. As you reflect, think on God’s holiness, because along with obedience, He wants respect and reverence.

Today is the 25th day of our 30 day journey with Ezekiel, if you have been with us since day one, thank you. I hope that God’s Spirit has quickened within you a desire to serve Him. If you are in the ruins, I pray that He will grant you the restoration that you need.

Tomorrow we begin the last stretch and then Thursday will end our 30 day journey with Ezekiel, Rising from the Ruins. In the meantime, continue reading the latter chapters of Ezekiel.

Ezekiel 40- 48.

Artwork: Earl Brook Jr. ( Used with Permission)

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