Day 2: Discover the Fortunes Within You

Safe and SoundPeople have been on self-discovery journeys numerous times in their lives, but they have passed themselves along the way. Others have begun the expedition to find God, yet miss glimpses of Him in the process. One reason is, they were looking in the wrong place.  It is easy to look in the wrong place because there are numerous places to look for fulfillment and purpose. Sadly, the first and best place to find them, within our past and present circumstances, is usually the last place in which we look.

There is motivational hype, all across the globe. Adjacent to the motivational hype, is the hysterical madness. Everywhere you look, the motivation and the madness intermingle. This mixture confuses many folks. While sorting out their identity, some people do well sifting through the muddle of what is real and what is fake. While some fluctuate according to cultural and societal trends. Others are not moved either way. However, this journey is about movement; not shifting our physical locations, but changing our mental positions. Positive internal mobility puts us farther in positioning ourselves for greatness. 

Yes, it is true, fortunes are out there with our names, but, the finest fortunes are the ones you first discover within yourself. If you are waiting for the right job, the right spouse, or the right opportunities, maybe it’s because you have not first sought after the fortunes within your history or your current experiences. As well as, maybe it is because you have, and you know exactly what you want.

Finding the right fortunes propels and directs us to find the ones with our names. So, why not take a look? If you are young, the earlier you start to look into your present life, the better. If you are older, while you look, your past life will surface, but do not look with regret that you have messed up yourself. Instead, look with acceptance. The fortunes that were made for us, do not change because we messed up. The essence of ourselves may hide in the rubbles of our messy lives, but the fortunes are still there within us.  All we have to do is sort through the rubble, separate the fortunes, and then polish them so that they can gleam.

Only then, will people know who we really are.

We often hear the expression, “you’re special.” Well, so was Hitler. Everyone is special. Nevertheless, when you hear “you’re special,” it also comes with a unique sentiment that is ONLY meant for you. Going forward, we will discuss some communal sentiments, meant for everyone, but ideally meant for you. Pay close attention to them.

Day by day, old layers of yourself should peel away, revealing wonderful colors you have not seen. No need to fear! Meeting yourself will be the highlight; you are not as scary as you think. The best person to get to know is yourself.  We will unveil our identity through the eyes of our Designer, the God of heaven and earth.

Most of us already have good or bad impressions of God’s character, but He is what He is, not what we make Him to be.  He is our Designer, and He must know what He was designing when He made each of us. There is more to the human in the mirror than the mirror exposes. The purpose of this journey is to get behind the mirror and find that actual man or woman.

Follow the principle that governs each day.  Meditate on each key thought. Keep the old self in check (you really don’t want an intrusion). If that old self is in check, then it will be easier to get rid of the hard shell around you. Pray for understanding. Let the Spirit guide your thoughts and emotions. Use the Bible as your support.

Fortunes are there for the finding. They are begging you to discover them. I would not want you to miss out on such eternal discovery. I hope that you do not want to miss them either.

Galatians 6: 4, “Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else” (NLT).

Artwork: Avocet Brooks (Used with Permission)

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