Every day is a good day to find fortunes. If you search with hopeful hearts, you can find fortunes in the favorable and the unfavorable circumstances. Every path you take will lead to discoveries about your world, yourself and your Creator. As you unwrap these findings, you can decide to use them wisely or ignore them completely. Just in case you have been searching and haven’t had much luck, rest assured fortunes are still all around us.

In fact, they are waiting for you to find them. Here’s a challenge for you. Begin now, and  join many others who have taken the  30 day journey to discover fortunes. Every day you will wake up to new treasures, packaged with God’s grace. You can unpack them at your convenience. They are excellent for your morning meditation. During lunch time quiet hours, you can contemplate on what they bring to your life. Or, if you prefer evening, you can reflect on their meaning while you relax after work. No matter your schedule, the fortunes will be ready and waiting for you. Therefore, the challenge is yours to reach for them. The road is paved and ready. All the days are laid out for you under the  30 day journey section. You can begin your journey as soon as you are ready to unveil the newest version of yourself. Invite your friends and take the expedition together.

Art: Avocet Brooks