Day 16: Decorate Your Life With Patterns of Purposeful Living

patternPatterns give designs their aesthetic properties. In human life and the natural world, we see evidence of patterns, highlighting the creativity of the Master Designer. We have been discussing the principles of design in art: unity, balance, emphasis, contrast, patterns, movement and rhythm. These principles permeate the creation story and are the bedrock of the Ten Commandments. We already unveiled the fortunes found in emphasis and balance, today we want to unveil the fortunes found in patterns.

Almost everyone knows that a pattern is a coordinated repetition of lines, shapes, circles, images, or whatever a designer uses to enhance his design. For example, every fingerprint, every zebra, every snowflake has its own pattern. Scientifically speaking, our entire bodies survive based on all the principles of design—patterns, movement, rhythm, balance and the rest of them. Heartbeat, cell reproduction, and so on reflect the principles of design.  However, what interests and impresses me about patterns in the natural world is that many, if not all patterns occur at specific times and for specific purposes necessary for maintaining life—not simply for the sake of making a pattern. The sun, the moon, the seas, and the seasons, thrive from purposeful patterns. God began creation with patterns.

Let us follow the principle. Like patterns define the art, routines define who you are becoming. I cannot, but some people can tell the type of tree by looking at a leaf; because leaves beautify and give identity to the tree, not the other way around. However, it is the tree that produces the leaf. Take some time and think about that. In other words, beauty comes from within. I am sure that you have heard that many times. Growing up I have heard it too, and no one really explained exactly where inside do I get this beauty. I later discovered, it happens through routines and patterns. Masquerade a plum tree with whatever you want, and it will still be a plum tree. However, when the tree through built in routines and patterns produces leaves, those leaves beautify the tree, and are significant evidences of the tree’s identity.  The day-to-day routines and patterns that govern your life will define your life, and I pray that the definition is synonymous to beauty.

Patterns define and highlight the beauty of the design. Principles do not work in isolation. Each principle draws its strength from the others without taking away their strength. Every pattern in your body is of one purpose. The difference between us, the animal kingdom, and nature is that they cannot choose. Therefore, it is easier for the animal kingdom and nature to maintain the patterns of their design. For us, we fall out of pattern, as we choose.

Well, we have choice—our best friend and our worst enemy. Routines are building blocks for bigger patterns, and they establish the process and progress of our lives. Why not choose appropriate routines? Since our bodies and our world are full of purposeful patterns, then it should not be strange that our lifestyles should be filled with patterns of purposeful living. With God’s help, you are the best person to develop, prioritize and maintain routines that add beauty to your personal life.

Purpose should drive the routines you establish in your life. If your routines do not help you to fulfill the purpose for which you were designed, then perhaps you need to reevaluate your routines and establish ones that do. Be like the bee, get nectar because you need it, not simply because it is sweet…then experience the sweetness.

For the spiritual life, God’s law has set the precedence for all patterns. He says, “Keep my laws diligently.” Being diligent is one way to establish patterns. If we have not been diligently keeping God’s laws, essentially, we fall out of pattern. And we all do. But that is why there is forgiveness, and that is another pattern. Because “from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children.” God has established the pattern of grace; every time we fall, He offers restoration. Grace is not spontaneous, it is an established pattern. Besides, I know that if you want to fulfill the perfect thought, you will get back into the pattern of law keeping. With that kind of forgiveness, everyone can choose to get back into the pattern when we fall out. While we are on the subject of forgiveness, God asks us to maintain the pattern of forgiveness and forgive others 70 times 7. He beckons us to pray unceasingly. Prayer is a significant routine/pattern. He even inspires us to love unconditionally. These are patterns the Master Designer wants to see in His design.

Remember we are talking about fortunes. Routines are little fortunes that form the path to more valuable fortunes. With a lot of self-discipline and diligence, routines will be easy for you. Love, forgiveness, repentance and prayer are valuable fortunes that lead to perfection, but they cannot exist without every day routines and patterns.

Develop patterns of obedience to God’s law which will enable you, the design, to fulfill the Designer’s perfect thought.

Develop patterns of repentance, and surrender your life to God daily.

Develop patterns of forgiveness; forgive everyone.

Develop patterns of love; love all people, even the unlovable.

Develop patterns that will allow you to accentuate the world with your gifts and talents.

Develop patterns of trust that will allow you to increase your faith and find your balance in God.

Develop patterns of patience that will bring you peace as you wait for the fulfillment of God’s promises.

Develop patterns not for the sake of living, but for the sake of dying, so that WHEN you die, you will reap eternal life when Jesus comes.

Do not forget patterns beautify the art. Why not decorate your life with patterns of purposeful living?

Titus 2:7:  “In all things shewing thyself a pattern of good works.”

Art Work: Samantha Santillan

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