Day 22: Who Said That You Can’t Chase Rainbows? You Can!

Rainbow 2It was not such a rainy morning, because the sun was up. I already had my morning quiet time with the Lord, but I needed something more. I stayed a bit longer in prayer. I knelt there pleading with God, asking Him for help, and telling Him to remember the promises that He had made to me earlier in the year. When I got up from my knees, I felt better. I never asked God for a sign, but He gave me one.

Amid the bright sunshine, a light drizzle began just enough to arch the perfect rainbow by my door. In that moment, God said no words but told me, “I remember the promise.” And my testimony is that He has fulfilled every one of those promises. It has been more than five years since then, and I am still experiencing the fulfillment of those promises, and awaiting more to come.

Let us follow the principle. Seven is God’s special number, representing perfection or completion. We just addressed seven principles of design: emphasis, balance, unity, pattern, rhythm, movement and contrast. A rainbow has seven colors. A rainbow is one of the most mysterious, magical, and mystical pieces of design. This symbol of perfection is one that boasts all the principles of design.

Picture the rainbow. There is no denying that it has pattern. None can contradict the contrasting colors. No arch is as balanced as the rainbow’s. Its rhythm is felt and experienced miles and miles away. It stands still, but moves surreptitiously. When it comes out, it accentuates the skies with a symbolic emphasis on God’s promises. Finally, it stands tall, representing the umbrella of unity. It is scarce, but when it comes, it is sacred. Everyone rushes to the window to see the spiritual phenomenon hung by the hands of the only Creator of our world and miss the vital lessons it has for humanity.

Rainbows represent contrast. Rainbows, as we scientifically know them, emerge from the union of water and white light, heat and cold, sun and rain, and from the contrast of  God’s goodness, despite human wickedness.

Rainbows represent the choice of the Master Designer not to destroy the earth by water. A rainbow represents the promise of the Master Designer to save this earth. Rainbows come to declare to you that God will keep His promise; they are faith builders. If you are feeling flooded by the waters of life, ask God to remember the rainbow.

A rainbow calls for progress and achievement. They extend from the earth up to the heavens. Rainbows were made to beckon to you. When you rush to see them, think about the message they bring, calling you to aim higher than the mediocrity of this world.

Rainbows represent the call back to perfection. Rainbows represent a perfect circle, even though we only see a part. They come to show us what perfection looks like. They are not just a scientific phenomenon; they are heaven’s phenomenon. A reminder that even after floods, wickedness, corruption and even after sin, redemption is still available, and perfection still waits.

Rainbows are statements and testaments of victory. Light has to break through the boundaries of water to decorate the air with vibrant colors. If you feel that you can’t overcome your trials, remember that victory is possible through Christ. With Jesus by your side, don’t give up. Fight away doubts and fears. Hold on to your faith and wait for your breakthrough.

Rainbows are stunning symbols of unity. Where would the rainbow be without unity? They remind you to unite with the Trinity and allow God to fulfill His purpose in you. Also, to unite with others in spreading the Gospel.

Rainbows make powerful statements of diversity. They remind us to love all people, join hands in fulfilling the single purpose of God, which is to draw men to the cross and grant them eternal life. Orange does not complain that red is too bright. Neither does green complain about yellow. They stand side by side, different in purpose but united in outcomes. Therefore, try to tolerate the differences you see in others.

Whenever you see a rainbow, I hope that you will let it speak to you. Let the seven colors remind you of the seven principles by which you were designed and by which you should live: emphasis, contrast, rhythm, balance, movement, patterns and unity. Do not ignore the appeal it makes to you as it calls you back to perfection. Let it give you hope that God will keep His promises to humanity, and God will keep His promises to you personally. Let it give you power to break through the walls of your challenges and shine bright colors for those around you.

Now, if anyone dares to tell you that there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, do not listen. The rainbow has pots and pots of gold—fortunes beyond your wildest imagination. It represents the seven principles of design, and that is seven huge fortunes. It is the bridge between heaven and earth. So go ahead, chase after the rainbow and become like one—perfect, pleasing, infectious and full of life. Be a rainbow which people admire everywhere you go, as you live out the principles of design.

Genesis 9:13, “I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.”

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