Day 3: You are a Thought of Perfection!

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Who would have thought, that you are a thought of perfection? As inadequate as you are, the original thought of you is perfect. I say “is,” because a thought will always be a thought—even though thoughts are transient. Therefore, the perfect thought of you still exists. So, if you think that you are so perfect, dismount your high horse. The original thought of you is perfect, but you are not. If you think that you are too imperfect, lift up your head; a perfect you is lurking within the imperfect you.

Let us follow the principle. Put on a designer’s cap. Let us say that you want to design a robot. In your head, you have all of the details for your design. You lay out the plan and build the robot; however, the robot has glitches. Does the fact that there are glitches change your original thoughts about the robot? It does not. Although it turned out with glitches, you still have those thoughts of a perfect robot. The malfunctioning robot sits there in front of you, but all you can think about is making it as perfect as how you have thought. If you really treasure the robot, what would you do? Evidently, you would diligently do what is necessary to make the robot as perfect as your thoughts.

Contrary to what many of us believe, when our Designer thought of us, His first thoughts of us were of perfection; and He still has those first thoughts. He knows that we are full of glitches, but His interest is transforming us to perfection. Like any purposeful and diligent designer, He seeks to enhance His design. Every chance He gets, He wants to bring out the newest versions and models of you until He fulfills His perfect thought of you. Yes, we have made many bad choices and mistakes. Yes, we have had many setbacks; but although we are flawed, we are still a version of His perfect thought.

Normally, it is drilled into us that we were born in sin. But it should also be drilled into us that we are thoughts of perfection. Neither disqualifies the other. Neither supersedes the other. Knowing that we are born in sin should keep us humble; while knowing that we are a thought of perfection should keep us hopeful.

Remember now, our focus will influence our attitudes. Focus on imperfection and we will always feel incompetent. Focus on perfection and we will always feel empowered. When God called Moses, Moses said, “I’m imperfect.” What did God say? “I AM [He that will make you perfect].”

The union of our humility and our hope, stimulates spiritual growth. While understanding your sinful degradation, do not be scared to divulge in pure thoughts about your perfection. Relish in the realities that the perfect thought of you is waiting for fulfillment. As you imagine yourself perfect, begin to live the part. Remember, we are NOT perfect. God’s thought for us is for perfection. To become perfect, we must  begin by studying the life of Bible to find out what was the God’ original perfect thought of you, and what does perfection means to Him. You have yet to be the best that you can be. Do not give in to negative thoughts, this is it for me, this is all that I can be. Think more about yourself. You can certainly aim to activate that perfect thought and become perfect in faith, perfect in obedience and perfect in attitudes.

Look around you today at all the imperfect people, can you believe they are thoughts of perfection? Too many of us are not living up to that perfect thought. As you rummage through daily chores and errands, you may have conversations or meet people who struggle with their imperfections. Encourage them, say, “you are a thought of perfection, even with your imperfections.”

If you were an Olympian, you would be unsatisfied until you finish your hurdle race. Fulfilling the perfect thought is like finishing that hurdle race. In life you have to jump over hurdles, you may knock some down, and some may cause you to stumble. Whatever happens to you as you bypass the hurdles, keep running. Try not to focus on those hurdles that pulled you down; get up, and focus on the target. You will keep falling if you run the race looking backwards. Focus on the victory that awaits. In the world Olympics, usually, one man gets the gold. In the spiritual and personal sense, everyone gets gold as long as we complete the race. Run with fervor and confidence to the finish line and synchronize with God’s thought of your perfection.

Regardless of how much, or how little you think of the person in the mirror, that person scarcely reflects the ideal you. Therefore, I say this confidently, with no tone of hubris or ego; despite your imperfect life and despite your many faults, you are a thought of perfection.

Ephesians 2:10, “For we are God’s masterpiece.…

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