Day 30: Fulfill the Perfect Thought of YOU

Our reward is in heaven, but God also does not mind a little bit of celebration here on earth. Celebrate that you have stuck it out these 30 days. Celebrate that God has enabled you with the insight to accept His grace and transform your life. It is the end of the 30 days, but it is only the beginning of the journey to perfection. Celebrate both.  As a part of our celebration, we have put together a little video, as a climax to our 30 days and also as an invitation to others. Receive the blessings it gives you from the Lord, and keep strong in the Lord.

When I started this journey, I had you in mind. I said that from day one.  With God’s leading and through His spirit, I declared that you will unveil new layers of yourself. I pray that you have. Realizing that you are designed by the hands of the Master Designer, I hope you now see yourself, as more than just what the mirror shows.  Going forward, look to the Designer and live your life based on the principles of design.

Our Gratitude

God is pleased that you spent 30 days journeying with Him while He leads you to the path of perfection. I am grateful that you have allowed Finding Fortunes to be a source of encouragement to you. I am also grateful to my daughter Avocet, for taking time out of her busy teen schedule to share her gifts and talents with us, and for designing suitable art. I just want her to know, now that the 30 day is over, I am not doing her chores or her laundry anymore.

Our Hope

We know that God has spoken personally to you in one or more of the posts. We hope that you will now open the gate and enter the path to perfection. We also hope that you will share with others, direct them to the website and encourage them to take the journey.

You May Be Wondering

Yes, I will still continue to post as the Spirit leads. On the bottom right hand corner of your screen is the invitation to follow us so that you will receive notifications whenever I post.  If you decide not to follow, we are okay with that as long as you are following God. All the best to you and yours.

Here’s a conclusive video of our 30 day Journey.


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