Day 28: Your Display Days will End

WheelArtwork in the show room is always changing, just like exhibitions in a museum come and go. Some exhibitions are called travelling exhibitions because they move from place to place. Do you see how we fit in?  Not yet?

Well, let us follow the principle. Hank has his little gallery of artwork. He is an artist, that is his job. He designs and have quarterly shows. Will he put up the same artwork every quarter? I do not think so. What do you think happens to the old artwork? He may sell some as well as He may discard damaged, or old ones, right? It would be just horrible while you are attending one of Hank’s quarterly show his new clay display topples over and break. That would be so sad, but the show must go on. Our display days will come to an end too, sadly, some abruptly and unexpectedly.

Some of you have been in the show room for a long time and your display has been pleasing to the Master Designer. But one day, He is going to take you down and other designs will emerge. Some people have been in the show room for an even longer time and are still not in awe of the Master Designer. But one day, He is going to take them down too. And like that horrible incident at Hank’s show, some of us will depart unannounced from the show room. It is hard to see the best designs leave the show. It is hard to wathc the masterpieces wither away in old age, but we all have to go.

No matter how long or how short we have been in the world gallery, one day, the Master Designer will remove us from the walls of display. One question is, did we perform our best display for Him? Another question is, did we do our part for Him and for others? But the greatest question of all is, did we accept the transformation offered by Jesus, our perfect medium.

Here is why. The Master Designer has a new place waiting for all the designed. But, only those who accept the transformation offered by the perfect medium can enter or will fit in that place. Only those who fulfill the perfect thought can enter. That is why carnal is contradictory to spiritual. That is why there is a dichotomy between christian living and worldly living. When those on display for the Master Designer are taken down, when the faces of those we love have left, be hopeful that the day is coming when God will unveil the greatest gallery, His kingdom.

If you have accepted the transformation provided by the Perfect Medium, then your paint can peel off, your clay can wash away, your music may cease and your dance may die down, but your spirit will live on. As hard as it is to accept, as hard as it is to face, one day your display days will be over. But, be hopeful that the time is coming when your clay will never wash away, your music will never end and you will dance forever on the sea of glass.

It would be wise to start living for that day, not preparing, because no man can prepare for the day when he will depart the world gallery. Let us live for that day.  Live out God’s commandments, accept the transformation offered by Jesus Christ, and follow the principles of design. Begin the becoming of the perfect thought, and live for the day when you will meet your perfect self. When you seek to fulfill that perfect thought, after the show dies down here on earth, the next time you meet yourself, you will be perfect, in every way. So, even though your display days in the world gallery will be over, perfection awaits.

Matthew 24: 42 “So you too must keep watch! For you don’t know what day your Lord is coming” (NLT).

Artwork: Avocet Brooks

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