Day 8: You are Worth the Risk

RiskyBefore the foundation of the world, God thought of you. He knew everything that you would do, everything that you are currently doing, and everything that you will become. Still, He called your name and said, “_______, I am taking a chance on you, you are worth the risk.”

Knowing the details of your life, who else would take such a chance on you?

Let us follow the principle. A designer is fully aware of the good and bad possibilities of his design. Does that mean he should relinquish his thoughts? If pharmaceutical scientists only considered the side effects, then they would not have developed medicines to bring healing. People are angry with God because of the devastating conditions of this world, and because of the problems in their individual lives. I often hear some say, “If He is God, He should have known that this world would become such a mess.” Well, those who are mad with God, should also be mad with the designers of cars and guns. Those designs have done their damage. What little progress we would have made if designers did not activate their thoughts simply because their designs came with defects. If we are angry with God for knowing the consequences of His design, then we should be angry with all the designers of all designs. But how can we be angry?

Designing is risky business and designers know the risk. The launching of the first airplane was risky, but look what airplanes have become today. Some designers are nonchalant, but purposeful designers know that their designs are worth the risk. God knew humanity was worth the risk. God knows, you are worth the risk. There is evil all around, poverty, sickness, suffering and death. Trouble and anarchy is in every part of the world, and in many lives, but ask any designer, the process of perfection is not easy. Even God was upset with His decision to design because the road to perfection is tedious, lengthy and challenging. It brings mental, physical, emotional wear and tear, plus the process is a spiritual roller coaster for all of us.

However, perfection is achieved only when a noble designer focuses on the goal of perfection, rather than the hindrances of imperfection. It is not a coincidence that God says, “I remember your sins no more.” His focus is more so on His perfect thought of you—not on the imperfections. His eyes are on the bull’s eye—not the distracting circles around it.

There is a bond between a designer and his design that only the two can understand. A musician values his composition. A painter treasures his art. God loves us so much that He said, “I see the wickedness ahead, but I am taking the risk.” God does not need to take risks, He is God. But, we know what a risk is and this is our human way of understanding and expressing the greatness of God’s wisdom and power. He wants to demonstrate the power of His love in our lives. He wants us to focus less on the circles and zoom in on the bull’s eye.

His perfect thought of you still exists—no matter the imperfections in your life, and all the imperfect acts that you have done. He knew about them before the foundation of the world and yet, He took the risk. He took the risk on your spouses and your children; don’t give up on them. He took the risk on your family members, love them. He took the risk on your enemies, do good to them. And, He took the risk on you.

Like a delightful child, jump up and down, in excitement and sing, “God took the risk on me, God took the risk on me.” Savor the serene sentiments of this thought, that you are a worthy risk. Walk on cloud nine. But, bend low in humble and repentant worship, full of gratitude that God took the risk. Now, you only need to change your lifestyle and look toward perfection. When you look in the mirror, beauty should form your smile, hope should sparkle in your eyes, God’s love should leave a luminous glow on your face. Let the roses within you blossom in full bloom, and people won’t mind the thorns. God focused on the roses, as much as He knew about the thorns.

Spread the good news to those whom you know are struggling. Send them a text, an email, give them a call and let them know, “Despite your imperfections, God loves you, and He wants you to know, you are worth the risk.”

If God took a risk on you, go now, change your life and take some risks for Him. Love a little more than you should. Forgive when you it is difficult. Walk away when you want to stay. Share when you have little. Befriend those you hate. Look for the roses in others more than you look for their thorns. Go take some risks in your personal life according to God’s leading. God’s worth the risk, because you are worth the risk.

Romans 8:37-39:  “…in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

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