Day 21: You Can Have the Spirit of Unity in Your Life

IntuitionUnity brings everything together. It is a lacking principle of our world; but it is a principle no less. Sometimes we unite, as in the Million Man march; mourners also unite when disaster strikes. Unity changes the tone of any event. I therefore, consider unity to be the spirit of design; the umbrella under which the design comes together as one piece.

Let us follow the principle. Our organs perform different functions in our bodies, but they also unite to keep us as functional beings. Likewise, the 7 principles of design each satisfy a unique criteria to make the art beautiful.  Emphasis, pattern, movement, contrast, balance, rhythm, work together to make a design one complete piece under the caption of unity. Colors blend nicely, rhythm is evident using patterns and movement. Everything is in balance. Contrasts are effective and emphasis is well-used, all under the umbrella of unity.

Unity harmonizes the principles of design, and it also connects the designer to his design.  We can hear Beethoven in his music. We can sense the passion of Mozart. We can see the thoughtfulness in Van Gogh. Unity comforts. It brings hope, it soothes, it revitalizes, it promotes faith; it is the hand that gathers the scattered sections of the design into a coherent and resolute heap. Unity is the spirit that connects all entities of the art. And in our world, that spirit is very much at work.

The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters” says Genesis; a clear declaration that unity, just as all the other principles, permeated the opening scenes of Creation.  From the foundation of the world, He has been instrumental in realizing the perfect thought God intends for His design. Since we emerged from an imperfect medium, we have lost the spirit of unity that follows the principles of design.

Being separated from the Master Designer, we struggle to find and maintain harmony within ourselves, and harmony between us and God. While we may seek to fulfill the other principles, we still find detachment. We have routines and patterns, but we feel empty. We feel hopeless and out of balance. We lose faith, which hinders our movement. We lose sight of the contrast of the cross that is to emphasize the great love our Designer has for us. We fail to aim for a deeper spiritual walk with Christ. And, with the competitor always looming about, we also tend to wander far from our created ideals, thus creating more disunity.

In addition, there is disunity between people: families, religious groups, employees, etc. But, Jesus is coming back for a unified people; not the Jews, the Asians, the Africans, the Baptists, the Catholics, or the Adventists. He is coming back for people who stand under one umbrella, His people who love and serve Him. So, we need to get it together before He comes.

How then can we achieve unity? We have to ask for the Spirit of unity that comes from the Master Designer. Besides, He already promised that when we accept the transformation that comes through our contact with the Jesus, the Perfect Medium, He will put His Spirit within us. That is a promise. That is an eternal fortune. The Master Designer created us. We emerged from an imperfect medium. Jesus, the Perfect Medium, redeems us. The Spirit unites us and harmonizes our mind, body and soul in oneness to God’s purpose; that is ultimate unity!

When the Spirit of the Master Designer occupies us, we will move to unthinkable heights. Our routines and patterns will be full of purpose. The contrast of the cross will forever be in the forefront of our minds. Others will witness the transformation and be influenced by the rhythm of our lives. A design is incomplete without unity. Your life will reach its full potential, and you will fulfill the perfect thought when the Spirit of unity, God’s Holy Spirit, indwells you. Then, we will be complete. We can have all the other six principles in abundance, but only God’s Spirit can bring them in subjection and unite us with God’s purpose.

In our current state, we lack this last principle of unity. In this world of disarray, it seems achieving unity is impossible. However, just as disarrayed art has unity, so can we. This is the beauty and power of a designer to create calm out of chaos; a skill which Our Designer is particularly a pro. If in your life, you feel there is too much chaos to find order and unity, try seeking out the principles of Jesus’ life. Once, He slept during a raging storm; when awakened by His petrified disciples, He calmed the storm. If you will allow Him, one day He will stretch forth His hand over your life and say, “Peace Be Still.” Then, all the principles of design will spring up in marching order to give you a unified life.

Through Christ, we can have unity within ourselves, unity with each other and unity with the Master Designer.

Unity in dance is synchronous.  Unity in music is harmonious. Unity in visual arts is coherence.  Unity in your life is ultimate peace with yourself, with others and with God. In your life, unity can be the synchronous dance of purpose, the harmonious melody of service, in coherence with God’s will.

Seek after the Spirit and unite your heart to God’s. Stop the chaotic madness in your life, and unify your life with Christ.

1 Corinthians 6:17, “But whoever is united with the Lord is one with Him in spirit.”

Artwork: Avocet Brooks

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