Day 29: A Grand Gala Awaits You

grand finaleLet us follow the principle.

The end is a welcoming occasion; that is if you have been sitting in a boring lecture for two hours.

The end is a heartrending occasion; that is if you are parting from your significant other.

The end is a devastating occasion; that is if you missed the opportunity to participate in a significant life changing event.

The end is a climaxing occasion; that is if you are witnessing the final stages of a pleasing performance.

The end is a shocking occasion: that is if you were not expecting such an end, or not expecting the end itself.

The end is a concluding occasion; that is if you are closing a chapter in your life, like a high school graduation.

One day the end will come. What will it be like for you? Will it be welcoming, because you had enough of this world gallery? Will it be heartrending because you did not want to part with this mortal life? It would turn out to be devastating, if you delay making the choice to choose Jesus and accept the transformation He offers. There is no doubt that when the end comes, there will be a conclusion to this catastrophic, controversial and chaotic world. Certainly, the end will be a climaxing occasion between the battles of good and evil, heaven and earth, perfection and imperfection.

The end is when Jesus bursts through the clouds and redeem His perfect people. He has prepared a reception for His design. He has sent out invitations to the human race for this grand event, but only a few people have accepted the invitation. He will receive those who have accepted His sacrifice on the cross. Those who have been on display shining brightly for Him, will welcome Him with joy. Those who have been obedient to His commandments and have exercised unwavering faith in Him will be relieved to see him. Those who have lived out all the principles of design: balance, emphasis, unity, pattern, rhythm, contrast and movement will welcome Him with great anticipation. All others will experience a different ending to the saga of this world. What will be the end be like for you?

It is time to get ready for this grand occasion.  Accept the sacrifice, live in obedience and do not forget the principles of your design:

Live out the principles of your design: see image on principles

And while you do that, wait for the end. Whether we like it or not, there will be no more world gallery, no more spectators, no more displays. The Master Designer has a finer gallery awaiting you. He will come and when He says “It is finished,” it will be finished. My hope is that for you and me, it will be a welcoming end.

John 14: 3: “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am” (NIV).


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