Day 6: You are A Design of Ingenuity and Purpose

gearsOur Designer—yours and mine—is the prodigy of ingenuity. His ingenuity is being questioned, but it is unquestionable. From the awestruck awakening of the sunrise, to the night sky sprinkled with stars, nature boasts creativity.  From the unfounded edge of the horizon, to the unmarked height of the heavenly skies, ingenuity permeates the universe. Even the silent moon speaks eloquently to the world about a mastermind. When we hear the lion rumbles his reverent roar, when we see the fish sway in their synchronous worship dance, when we consider humanity, and the elaborate elements behind our design; how can we question the obvious? The mystery born with creation is the miracle that fortifies our hope. Ingenuity is the face of our natural world.

Every original design has ingenuity. This we understand and recognize very easily. As for purpose…this is where the problem lies. Purpose is that popular word everybody talks about, and the ultimate that everybody seeks. We all emerge from different backgrounds and different circumstances, but we all have purpose. Our Designer is the embodiment of purpose.

Let us follow the principle. If a designer does not declare the purpose of his design, when he unveils the design, it will be a suspenseful and perhaps useless display. But a purposeful designer has purpose—even if he lacks the creativity. Designers do not simply design for the sake of designing; there is always a purpose attached. What if a mug was really a hat, a spoon was really a car key, and a bed was really a boat? We would surely be in trouble! The mug would be too heavy to wear, the spoon would not turn the engine and the bed would sink. Is not bizarre to design something and then not know what to do with it? It would be useless brain busting and senseless time wasting.

Designers think of the design with a purpose in mind, create the design, and bring it forth for usage. Sadly, many of us are being used, but not for the purposes which we were designed. If paper knew it was not made for eating, it would run or fly away when it sees a fork. If pots knew they were not made as wheels, they would run away when a car parks near the kitchen. Sounds absurd, does it not? Exactly the point. Are you using yourself, your mind, or your body for things other than the purpose of your design? If you are, it is as absurd as the pots clacking as wheels on a moving car. The reason your Designer thought of you centuries before and only brought you forth 20 or so years ago has to be buried in pure genius and compelling reasons.

There are 3 important things I want to bring to your attention:

Firstly, purpose is embedded in the heart. Why then do people look for purpose? It could be because we want to be what we are not meant to be. Purpose stares us in the face and we travel the world seeking it, when it was right in front of us in the first place. Anyone who wants to find purpose, does not have to look for it outside of themselves. It is inside. The vehicle that you will use to fulfill the purpose is what is outside of you. But, the purpose itself is inside. The purpose is not separate from the design, purpose is the engine of the design. Purpose is a fortune and if you want to find it, seek the Designer. Since He created the design, then, He must know. We should be praying for purpose, not preying on purpose. Some kill, some steal, some deceive, and some enslave their consciousness in drugs, drinking and sex, all in the name of purpose.

Next, purpose comes in sizes. It is not a one size fits all, but each size bears the same level of importance. Remove the wheels and the car will not move. Take out the battery and the car will not start. The wheels and the battery are not the same size, but are equally valuable. They both contribute to the overall functioning of the car. If giving smiles or a listening ear is your purpose, it has the same level of importance as being the president of the United States.  Be very pleased with your size.

Finally, research shows that people who live with a sense of purpose and well-being live longer lives. According to one psychologist, purpose is like a compass for daily living. It makes sense because, purpose gives direction and is the highest gratification of life. Nothing else crowns a life with nobility like the fulfillment of our God-given purpose. Take some time every day to look for the fortune of purpose. Nag the Designer until He tells you the purpose for which He designed you. Purpose is a fortune worth digging for because purpose gives value to the design. If you are being wrongly used, ask God to help you rise up, walk away and run into purposeful living. He will help you, it is His promise to you. If you are the design of His hands, then without a shadow of doubt, you are a design of ingenuity and purpose. You would not want to be a hat, when you were meant to be a mug.

Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me…” (ESV).

Art: Avocet Brooks ( Used with Permission)

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