Day 25: Time To Reflect

WP_20160602_005My yesterdays are gone
My todays have just begun
The battles have been fought
The victories have been won
The shadow moves no more about my place
The gloom tarries no more upon my face
I will cry no more
Silent tears for yesterday
The appalling memories
I have locked away
Today begins a brand new morn
A new era, a new day has been born
My yesterdays have passed
My todays are here at last

Thank you for travelling this journey with me. After this experience we all should be looking forward to the path of perfection. We have to decide which path to travel; imperfection or perfection. The journey to perfection is demanding, difficult and even devastating. To choose this path is to choose to suffer with Christ. It means to be quiet when you prefer to speak. To love when you prefer to hate. To surrender when you prefer to win. When it comes to eternal matters, surrender is the only way to win.

It is all about contrasts; living in the world, but reaching for life outside of this world. Being on display and facing spectators is perhaps the most challenging part of the journey. But, knowing that God is ahead of us in this journey should be encouraging. Today, think about this new path, thankful that yesterdays have passed. Ask God to stick by your side and give you the strength to travel the path to perfection; because this journey is no stroll in the park. It comes with diseases, heartbreaks, brokenness and pain. But Jesus promised to be with you. In fact, He is there with you right now, right next to you. Enjoy the quiet moments with Him, it is the best therapy you can give to yourself. Draw close to Him, lean on His shoulder and say, “My Lord, I am yours, hold me in the comfort of your embrace.”

Meditation:  Deuteronomy 31

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