Day 19: You have to Move From Where You are to find Your Fortunes

movementIn life, stability is important and necessary, but so is movement. Having to relocate is both an exciting and frustrating undertaking. Movement within the principles of design is not relocation; it applies to the artist’s usage of lines, shapes, color, dance, musical notes, whatever tools necessary to create a traceable path with one’s eyes or ears. Simply put, it leads your eye from one point of the art work to another. Have you ever seen a painting or a picture where the objects in the art seem to be moving, but they are not? That is called implied movement. This type of movement makes the stream flow, the cars move, the ships sail, and the flowers sway in the wind when all of those things are really standing still.

Generally speaking, movement animates the objects in the art and tells a powerful story of action. Movement in the design of humanity is a similar concept. Movement brings action and tells the trajectory of your life. Movement in human life may involve relocation, but even without relocation, movement tells a greater tale. Mental movement, from base level to more noble thinking is very difficult for us. Yet, it is the most profitable. Many need to shift the mind in order to move the body, or the soul. There is also vertical and horizontal movement. We move among people. We move up the ladder of life (as we usually say). We step down from positions, and sometimes we move away.

Let us follow the principle. Movement up and down the scale makes music moving to the heart, and pleasant to the ears. Music has highs and lows. Life has highs and lows. Many will say, “Bring on the highs; skip the lows,” but there will be no growth in life without the lows, and no blossoming without the highs.

Surrender is the prerequisite for movement in humans. Yep, it is stepping down from the pedestal of self and falling into in the hands of the Designer so that we can experience ultimate growth. A stiff brush in the hands of the painter cannot create the perfect movement. Stiff muscles cannot dance. Sticky keys cannt play. Stubborn people cannot progress.

We may make suggestions to other artist, but can we afford to instruct the Master Designer how to create movement in our lives? Isaiah also asked, “Does a clay pot argue with its maker? Does the clay dispute with the one who shapes it, saying, ‘Stop, you’re doing it wrong.’ ” Only the artist or the designer can create the movement he would want his audience to see or hear in his design. A song cannot create its own movement up and down the musical scale, just as much as a paintbrush cannot get up and make movement without the control of the designer.

It is no different for you. It is the Designer’s responsibility to create movement for the design. When the painter takes the brush, he creates lines up, down, across. He creates circles, shapes and uses colors to show movement. When you allow the Master Designer to take your life, He will tell you when to step down, when to step back, and of course, when to step out. He will show you when and where to relocate and make provisions for you. He will tell you when to rest and be still for a while, if necessary. Think of Moses. God sent him on the river sailing, drew him from the waters, placed him in the palace, set him high on a pedestal for 40 years, pulled him down from the pedestal, dragged him in the wilderness and said rest for 40 years. Then He pulled him out of the wilderness, took him back to the palace, sent him roaming around in the wilderness for another 40 years, and then told him to rest. Sounds exhausting, right? But you know what? Moses’ life was fulfilling, and we talk about his life story all of the time.

Now that is what I call movement. Talk about highs and lows, Moses’ life was filled with them. What a beautiful life he lived! Movement may be physically exhausting, emotionally stressful, and risky, but only movement can animate the art and make it so beautiful.  Are you doubtful? Well, let us go to see a dance where the dancers sit still the whole hour. Are you interested? Of course not! Would you want your life to be like that dance—stillness for a lifetime, stagnant; no intellectual, spiritual, social, or economical movement? Do what you know God, NOT people, but God is calling you to do?

Only the Designer could wheel Moses’ world into that kind of action and when we allow the Designer to wheel our world into action, we fulfill our purpose. Movement exposes the path and tells the story. Movement fulfills the purpose. Both your story and your purpose are up to the Designer. Therefore,  do your part, surrender into the hands of the Designer and wait for direction to move. Surrendering is an important prerequisite for growth. Think of a seed—death to one life to become another. Many people are turned off by the word surrender. But surrender in the spiritual sense is not enslavement as some would believe, it is liberation.

Seeds surrender to liberate the plant. Blossoms surrender to liberate the fruit.

Caterpillars surrender to liberate the butterfly. Jesus surrendered to liberate the sinner.

From the Creation story, we can see evidence of surrender and movement; it is all around us. Daytime and nighttime is a continuous cycle of surrender. Clouds surrender to give way to the sun. Nature is built upon the cycle of surrender and movement. Surrendering is not simply a preacher’s philosophy; it is a natural philosophy of life.  It is the philosophy to success, it just depends on what we surrender to and who we surrender to God. What will you surrender to give way to a more purposeful you? Do not be scared to make a move directed by the Spirit of God. Surrender to God, and watch where He takes you.

If you want to fulfill your purpose and reach the perfect thought of the Master Designer, you have to move from where you are. Fall into the hands of the Designer and let Him move you from where you are, only then can you find your fortunes.

Luke 19:4, “And he [Zaccheus] ran before, and climbed up into a sycamore tree…And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house.”

Reference: Isaiah 45: 9

Artwork: Avocet Brooks

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