Day 9: You Imerged From an Imperfect Medium

VoiceThat you emerged from an imperfect medium, hardly sounds like a fortune; it sounds more like I am exposing human faults. But, it is NOT the medium that I am going to focus on, it is the reason you emerged from the imperfect medium…choice.

Choice is the commander, but it is also the culprit that orders the events of our world, and the events of our lives. Everybody’s life is influenced by choice. When we make a choice, we plant a seed, and we are not always pleased with the tree it produces. But, we plant the seed anyway. Just like we cannot see what the tree will look like until it grows, humans are not always aware of the consequences of their choices. Not so with God. He knew full well the consequences of His choice to create this world.

Let us follow the principle. Every designer needs a medium through which to bring forth his design. Painters need canvases. Musicians need instruments. Chefs need ingredients. If there is no medium to realize the design, then the design is only a thought.  In addition, if a designer uses a faulty medium, he would never realize the perfect thought of the design. A dirty canvas would distort the art. A broken instrument would produce a cacophony of sounds. Spoiled ingredients would be distasteful. An imperfect medium cannot produce a perfect design. What about us? Which medium brought us into this world?

It is a Biblical fact that Adam and Eve are the father and mother of the world. We also know the story about their fall, no need to rehash the details. Adam and Eve were to be the perfect medium to populate the world. Since they fell, the perfect thought God had for His design could not be born from imperfection. Therefore, we emerged as imperfect beings.

God, the Master Designer who created man and woman, said “Everything was good.” So, what happened to the perfect medium? Well, our imperfection also lies in our perfection…choice. The main thing that qualifies us as intelligent beings is our power to choose. God chose to create Lucifer. Lucifer chose to turn away. Eve chose to eat the fruit. Adam chose to take a bite. If we could not choose for ourselves, we would not fit God’s ideal of perfection. Our ability to make choices is part of His perfect thought for us, and the greatest power endowed to humanity. Untainted choice is our genuine voice. If you do not have a choice, then something or someone else is living through you. However, look what choices have done to humanity.

So what does a designer do when the medium is flawed? What would you do if you designed a lovely dress and the machine needed to sew the dress was broken? I am sure you would find a working machine to sew the dress. That is what God did. He had already thought of a perfect medium before He made the choice to create humans. He made provisions for us. He sent a perfect medium, Jesus Christ, to offer a remake, so that ALL His design can fulfill His perfect thought. But guess what? Not everyone accepted this Medium, just because they can choose. A car cannot choose it’s color and say, “I do not want to be blue,” but we have a say in aspects of our lives.  What many do not realize is that, choice—the same culprit that got us in this predicament, can get us out.  Choice is our most powerful fortune.

Your designer still has that perfect thought of you. He made you with ingenuity and purpose.  The bad news is that we emerged from an imperfect medium.  The good news is that the emergence from an imperfect medium does not change the blueprint of the design. If an orchestra played one of Beethoven’s best pieces on horribly tuned instruments, does it change the beauty of the original sheet music? If you followed a recipe and burned the cake because of a faulty stove, it does not mean that it was not a really good recipe. Just because you may have messed up, does not mean that the perfect thought of you does not exist. Never forget your blueprint is the essence of who you are. Do not be blinded by your imperfections. Do not let them get in the way. In fact, get them out of the way, choose to work on them. Yes, we emerged from an imperfect medium, but there is restoration, offered by the Perfect Medium.  If you choose, perfection awaits you. Make the right choice, the Perfect Medium is the only road to perfection.

Romans 5: 8 But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Artwork: Avocet Brooks ( Used with Permission)

Tomorrow we will talk more about the Perfect Medium. In the meantime, thank you so much for continuing on this journey. It takes commitment, and I am so glad there are those of you who have peeped in everyday to see what fortunes are here for you. I am honored to have you on this journey and I am always praying that God will use something to move you into a closer walk with Him.

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