Day 29: A Grand Gala Awaits You

Let us follow the principle. The end is a welcoming occasion; that is if you have been sitting in a boring lecture for two hours. The end is a heartrending occasion; that is if you are parting from your significant other. The end is a devastating occasion; that is if you missed the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Day 28: Your Display Days will End

Artwork in the show room is always changing, just like exhibitions in a museum come and go. Some exhibitions are called travelling exhibitions because they move from place to place. Do you see how we fit in?  Not yet? Well, let us follow the principle. Hank has his little gallery of artwork. He is an... Continue Reading →

Day 27: You Will Be Misunderstood

If there is anything that is often misunderstood, it is art.  We like some types of art, and some, we have to scratch our heads to figure out. Design in general can have bizarre outcomes, and a given piece of art may seem strange to the onlooker. With the cornucopia of styles and designers, who... Continue Reading →

Day 26:  You Are Not For Sale

There is no debate, although we emerged from an imperfect medium, we are beautiful people. We have skills and talents. While on display in the world gallery, we gleam; some more brightly than others. There are spectators that pursue us and they come to purchase. Do we sell? Let us follow the principle. Have you... Continue Reading →

Day 25: Time To Reflect

My yesterdays are gone My todays have just begun The battles have been fought The victories have been won The shadow moves no more about my place The gloom tarries no more upon my face I will cry no more Silent tears for yesterday The appalling memories I have locked away Today begins a brand... Continue Reading →

Day 18: Time to Reflect

Just behind the beating of our hearts Our lovely spirits reside Our unspoken emotions dwell Our fettered passions rest silently Waiting to be aroused. Behind the beating of our hearts, Our undreamt dreams still sleep, Our love, though real, is illusive Our impassioned spirits boil quietly, Anxious to be discovered. Behind the beating of our... Continue Reading →

Day 15: You are Designed For a Balanced Life

Balance is a delicate state of being; a beautiful concept, born when God said, "let there be…” thereby calling the world into existence. Balance has varied meanings. The definition you hear depends on whether an accountant, an artist, a scientist, a mother, or a mathematician is speaking. In life we may see brief evidences of... Continue Reading →

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