Crossing Over: The Journey of our Transformations

Ever since our first parents, we have begun the journey of transformations. With the first bite of the forbidden fruit, metamorphosis was redefined. Perfection began its spiraling descent to imperfection. Immortality exchanged her eternal gown for a tattered mortal cloak, as life began its climatic journey to death. Transformation is therefore part of our society,... Continue Reading →

God is Still Lord

On Wednesday morning November 9, 2016 when Donald Trump won the presidency, God was Lord. Had Hillary Clinton won, God would still be Lord. Today, tomorrow, and forever, God is, will be and will always be Lord. If you are trusting in God, then no need for protests and no need for relocation, “the earth... Continue Reading →

God Still Calms Storms

I don’t have to ask you if there are storms in your life. In this kind of world, storms will come, both the natural and the spiritual. Thankfully, God allows storms that are necessary to build our faith and strengthen our walk with Him. Those kinds of storms, we do not like. But, God allows... Continue Reading →

God Still Parts Red Seas

If right now, only a miracle, supernatural power, or divine intervention, can help you in your circumstances, then you are facing a red sea.  But, here's some good news for you, God still parts red seas. Many moons ago Moses and the Israelites faced their red sea. Before them was the treacherous Red Sea; behind,... Continue Reading →

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