There are a lot of caring people, who care about family and friends. But, there comes a time in our lives when we come across those who are big on kindness. God sends them just in time when we need them. These people are rare and special. They whisper golden words of comfort in our... Continue Reading →


A sip of your favorite tea, a quick nap, a spoon of your favorite dessert, an early morning walk, a hug and kiss, a lunch date, a word of gratitude, a refreshing drink, alone time in the house, a night stargazing, a bubble bath; there are so many things that qualify as simple pleasures. With... Continue Reading →


Salvation is the greatest fortune given to us. It represents the most touching act of God’s love and solicitude for wretched humanity. Without pointing fingers at anyone, more than half the world has rejected this fortune. Some will nod their heads in quick rebuttal to say, “I accept it,” but their lives may just be... Continue Reading →


Surrender is not a favorite topic. No one likes to give in to someone or something else. But, in the 30 day journey under the title, You Have to Move from Where You Are, we found inspiring evidences that surrender brings liberation. We often think of surrender in terms of war, when the enemy takes... Continue Reading →


Service sells. No! Let me correct that, good service sells. Who knows, perhaps service is the #1 selling pitch for companies. Anyway, I’m not here on a marketing agenda. I’m not here to talk about the service you are paying for, nor am I here to talk about the service you are paid to give.... Continue Reading →


I’m sure that you like your “me time” when life centers around no one else but you, and that’s fair. In a 24 hour day, after we are busy satisfying everybody else, we need a little self-satisfaction too…even for a few minutes. I’m definitely in favor of a little me time.  Whatever you choose to... Continue Reading →


What are you giving up? There comes a time when we have to give up in order to receive. Sacrifice is one underlying principle that governs success, as in the case of the current Olympics. Although we are not on the Olympic podium collecting medals for our daily sacrificial deeds, we also have made sacrifices.... Continue Reading →

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