Salvation is the greatest fortune given to us. It represents the most touching act of God’s love and solicitude for wretched humanity. Without pointing fingers at anyone, more than half the world has rejected this fortune. Some will nod their heads in quick rebuttal to say, “I accept it,” but their lives may just be saying something else, because salvation is life changing.

Paint the word “Salvation” on the world’s largest billboards, erect it upon the tallest monuments, decorate it with flashing lights in the busiest cities and the world will still pass by it unnoticed, unmoved, unchanged.

Salvation by definition, is the free gift of redemption offered through the shed blood of Jesus Christ the son of God for sinful humanity.  In short, we sinned and fell short of God’s perfect ideal. He sent His son Jesus to redeem us and call us back to perfection, thereby offering salvation.

Since we fell short, we search. We seek fulfillment. We seek money. We seek the ideal job. We seek relationships. We seek ideal opportunities. If we are not the suitable match for the money, the job, the relationship or the opportunity, then we are out of luck.

Not so with salvation; EVERY human is a candidate for salvation. It requires no demographic survey. It has no price tag. It is not based on height, weight, gender or social status. It requires no background or credit checks. It requires knowledge but no education. And, thank God it’s not just for “celebrities and royals.”

All it requires is action:…confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, [and] you will be saved,” Romans 10:9. All you need to activate salvation is a mustard seed of faith; by saying, “I accept that Jesus is my savior, I confess my sinfulness and accept the transformation He offers.”

Simple! Well, not quite.

That mustard seed of faith is one hard seed to come by for many people. They first have to question whether God is really God, whether Jesus is really His son, or whether Jesus really died and if He did, whether He rose up. They have to understand, why He does the things He does the way He does them. Life gets quite complicated when you begin to travel down that road. Down that path, the more you look for the seed of faith, the more it gets lost in the shadows of scientific and philosophical illumination.

But putting all that aside, sit down and tally all your searching and you will find that they add up to SALVATION.  Since we have lost so much, salvation is God’s recovery plan. Essentially then, the world is seeking salvation. But only a puny few are seeing after it. It is the only fortune that can satisfy and gratify all our searching and seeking.

With salvation comes:

freedom, peace, pardon, perfection, love, hope, cleansing, healing, opportunities, mercy, awareness, strength, enlightenment, new life, surrender, contentment, success, joy, goodness, faith, sacrifice, solitude, forgiveness, transformation, harmonious relationships, money, status, service, beauty, humility, and whole mountain of other fortunes.

Why so many people ignore this fortune still baffles me.

If you haven’t accepted salvation, I pray that you will dig deep down in your heart to find that mustard seed, and accept the free fortune. Don’t try so hard to understand it, because you will not; at least not yet. Don’t look for the seed elsewhere, it’s not outside of you, it’s within.

If you have accepted it, I pray that you will not wastefully wallow in it by living a carefree life, but seek after the transformation that it offers.

Thank God that it never expires or become outdated. It is as fresh a spring of running water, we can fill up each new day.  Thank God that salvation doesn’t run out. There is never a shortage supply; you don’t have to pile it high. Thank God, there are no waiting lists or long lines; it is always accessible. Thank God that it is good for every kind of sin, every kind of people, in every kind of corner. Thank God that wherever you are in life, you can reach for it. If you are upon on the mountaintop; it’s up there. If you are down in the gutters; it loves gutter people. If you are in the valley,  it’s down by the river side. If you are in the middle of the life’s mayhem, it’s right there in the midst.  Thank God for Jesus—the medium for our Salvation.

With people like us and a world like ours, we need multiple dozes of salvation. With a God like our heavenly Father, He abundantly supplies.

Acts 4:12, “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

Acts 16: 31, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved—you and your household.”

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