What are you giving up? There comes a time when we have to give up in order to receive. Sacrifice is one underlying principle that governs success, as in the case of the current Olympics. Although we are not on the Olympic podium collecting medals for our daily sacrificial deeds, we also have made sacrifices. Whether we like to or not, we have to make them. Whether we accept it or not, many have made them on our behalf. Whether we believe it or not, Jesus has set the premise, by making the all-encompassing sacrifice for humanity.

Sacrifice is therefore a huge and essential part of our existence. In this context, sacrifice is the act of giving up one thing in order to obtain a tangible or an intangible other thing. We make different types of sacrifices for many different reasons. We also make sacrifices based on our personalities and our priorities. Yet, regardless of the circumstances that color our sacrificial moments, the process is often painful and challenging.

If you had to make sacrifices lately, or making them right now, you are not alone. Sometimes the sacrifices we make seem unreasonable, foolish to others, and even to ourselves. But, each man’s sacrificial journey is lonely and personal. Only he can make it; only he understands the significance of it.

Ask Moses and he will tell you, it seemed ludicrous to give up the palace for the wilderness, but it was the wilderness that gave him his self- worth. Ruth would tell you about the challenges she faced leaving her hometown to live in a strange land with her mother-in-law Naomi, but she found true love amidst the corn fields.  Nehemiah would declare that he left handling the king’s cup, to handle lumber, to build a broken city and to restore God’s temple. Hosea would tell you how foolish he seemed to continuously chase after a wayward spouse. Jacob would convince you that the sacrifice of love is worth more than a 7-year wait.  Joseph would smile in amazement of his journey from captivity to commander. And Jesus who made the greatest sacrifice, would explain that [He] made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men, [but was] given a name above every other name.

Sometimes you may feel that the sacrifices you are making are not worth it, but Jesus said, we have to take up His cross daily.  If the sacrifices you are making are worthy, keep taking up the cross, even when it wears you down. Meanwhile, here are some simple reminders you can digest to boost you up. Let them rebuild and renew your confidence that the sacrifices you make for the kingdom are well worth it.

  1. The sacrifices you make will fortify your journey of faith. Keep in mind that the size of your sacrifice represents the size of your faith.
  2. Sacrifice is the back street to success.   Not everyone knows the sacrifices you make, nor does everyone sees you making them, but they are a prerequisite for your success.
  3. The greater your sacrifice, the greater the fortune. Without a doubt, fortunes always follow meaningful sacrifices.
  4. Sacrifice is your window of hope. Through this window you can see the fortunes in the distance. Let your sacrifices sweeten your hope and let that hope bring you comfort during the challenging times.
  5. Finally, be cautious; it’s possible to be making the wrong sacrifices. Ensure that the ones you make are kingdom worthy.

Currently, you may be hard pressed by the noble sacrifices you are making; be encouraged, after the blood, sweat and tears, loads of fortunes await you at the end of the journey. Fire burns away the wax of a candle, but in the process, it illuminates the room and gives light to those around. The extremities of life may overwhelm you but glorious will be the rewards. What blessings awaits those who genuinely make sacrifices from the heart. And, what a reaping when the ripe fortunes burst forth in abundance. The most important fortune of all, eternal life, awaits you.

Luke 9: 23-24, “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me. For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it.”

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