Find the Truth and Follow After It

Truths are all around us. We know them. We ignore them. We avoid them. We pass them by, although they stare us in the face.  One day, we will have to face the truths, don’t we? In this life or the life to come, the truth will be presented and to us and what then? Either it will be too late to deal with, or we would be able to handle the truth, because we would have handled it already.

Truth is not a bad thing, as we make it seem. James tells us it is liberating. It is sometimes scary, yes! Sometimes, truths pry open the eyes, the mind and the consciousness. Yes! Sometimes, it’s just plain; there’s nothing to do about it. Yes!  It is what it is. Pilate asked Jesus, “what is truth?” even when TRUTH was standing right in front of him.

Ask the philosophers and they will tell you truth is relative. Certainly, to some extent, it is. Because, my truth is mine. Your truth is yours. God’s truth is God’s and everybody’s. In that light, truth is relative to each of our circumstances. Which is the very reason God calls us into His truth. His truth applies to me and it applies to you, there is no obscurity in His truth. As we find God’s truth, it will lead the path to our individual truths.

Finding God’s Truth:Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long,” (Psalm 25: 5) should be our constant prayer. Firstly, God’s truth is His word. It is God Himself who must lead us into the truths about His word. There, we will find His plan, purpose and path for our lives. Paul gave us the precise reason to find God’s truth. “For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart” (Hebrews 4: 12). If there is any truth that will cause pandemonium in human life, it’s God’s truth. If there is any truth that will bring peace, it’s God’s truth.  His truth is the compass for human life. It is the convicting, but cleansing tool for sin. It is a sanctuary, bringing hope, comfort and healing. If we should be on the eternal track, garnering the things of eternity, living a life worthy of heaven, we need God’s truth. If humanity would only take courage to find God’s truth and follow after it, heaven would come down to earth already.

Finding Our Truth: Every man has truths in his life that he must face. Some are welcoming truths and some are not so welcoming. Jeremiah looked upon the devastation of the Jewish nation and cried out, “truth has perished” (Jeremiah 7: 28). Isaiah looked around and he said, “Truth is nowhere to be found” (Isaiah 59: 15). Daniel 8 tells us that “Truth was thrown to the ground.”  It seemed their eyes had peaked into our century, because their words testify of today. Many people know the truth about their lives, but they crush it under their feet and trample it to the ground. Truth is easier to ignore when it uproots, disturbs, intensifies and causes havoc. Therefore, many ignore truths today, that they will eventually have to face. Jeremiah 5 tells us that God is looking for truth upon earth. Whilst He can reveal the truth to us through His word, we have find the courage to follow after it and bring changes in our lives.  Paul who warns us not the exchange the truth of God for a lie, also extends the promise “To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he [God] will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger” (Romans 2: 7-8).

 Follow After it: If there are truths in our lives, that we have trampled under feet, or thrown to the ground, God is calling us to take “hold of the deep truths of the faith with a clear conscience.” (1 Timothy 3: 9). Following after the truth, means we may have to stir up the contents of falsehood that has settled to the bottom of life’s fragile jar. It may mean we may have to scoop out the unwanted items. It may mean we may have to spill the contents of sin and selfishness and allow God to refill the jar.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He calls us to find God’s truth in His word. He pleads with us to find the truths that we need to renovate our lives. He calls us to follow after truth, for when the truth of God comes to live within us, it will be with us forever (2 James). It’s better to have the mixing up now, than later, because after the mixing up now, we will be unshakeable.

1 John 2:4, “Whoever says, “I know him,” but does not do what he commands is a liar, and the truth is not in that person.”

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