Video: The Graceful Wait

Thank you for being apart of the Wait Series. I hope that through this series you were strengthened in your wait on God. Even if you are waiting for nothing in particular, we all are waiting for His return. Keep your hope nested in the God of the Universe. Until then. Psalm 145: 15, "[Lord], The... Continue Reading →

You Can Wait The Graceful Wait

Let your mind wander to a huge, white and well-lit room, where everyone is waiting; can you see it? Some are sitting on the chairs provided. Some are standing by the window. Of course, many people are on their electronics, engrossed in their own activities. Some are pacing the floors. Some keep watching the clock.... Continue Reading →

Why Does God Make Us Wait?

I often think about Abraham. God told him that his descendants would be as many as the stars of the sky, and then had him wait 25 years before Isaac was born. God had the prophet Samuel anoint David as king of Israel, years before he actually became king. Joseph had his first prophetic dream... Continue Reading →

Alone She Sits

Alone she sits. But lonely, she is not. Sometimes stars clothe her, Other times she is nude. Bare in space’s infinity Beautiful beyond beauty Breathless beyond breath. Alone she sits. But lonely she is not. Earth’s countless eyes Gaze upon her brilliance. Million beings Rinse in her radiance. She is intangible, She is pure, She... Continue Reading →

The 5 W’s of Fortunes

What are Fortunes? If you were asked to write the name of something you consider a fortune on a piece of paper and drop it in a box labelled “fortunes” what would you write? By definition, fortunes means riches or treasures; everybody has a little or a lot of those. In today’s society, so many... Continue Reading →

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