The 5 W’s of Fortunes

What are Fortunes?

If you were asked to write the name of something you consider a fortune on a piece of paper and drop it in a box labelled “fortunes” what would you write? By definition, fortunes means riches or treasures; everybody has a little or a lot of those. In today’s society, so many things would easily suit the box. General intangibles, like friendship, love, and happiness would. In addition, general tangibles like people or worldly possessions would also suit the box. However, some fortunes are rare and sacred. These are the ones that peak my interest and I direct your attention to them. In many cases we don’t seek them but often stumble upon them. These sacred treasures have special characteristics. They grant us heavenly nobility. They open the eyes, educate the mind and transform the heart. But most importantly, they are unique and personal. They are not always what you like, what you crave, what you want, expect or prefer; but they are always what you need for your life. They are the essentials; the whole point to your existence.  They will enrich your life with obedience, faith, peace and hope. These are the ones that bring us in favor with God first, and then with man. If what you would write on that piece of paper doesn’t suit the above criterion, then you haven’t discovered those sacred treasures.

Who can direct you to your fortunes?

Very few people can. But of the people who can, you are the front-runner.  Family and friends who mean you well sometimes give great, as well as, bad advice.  However, only He who engraved your name on those sacred treasures knows which ones are specifically yours. Only He who has placed them in your path can lead you to them, or open your mind to accept them. By wholeheartedly following Him, you will find direction to those fortunes. If you are not passionately pursuing Him, more than likely, you will not discover them, even when they stare you in the face.

Where will you find your fortunes? 

It depends on where you are looking. We may look for them on social media, in relationships, jobs, bank accounts, or even at the Chinese restaurant. No doubt, fortunes are in all of those places, but the sacred ones that are specifically yours may not be. Are they in the Bible? Fortunes and the instruction to find all types of fortunes are definitely in the Bible, but many people are not diligently searching the scriptures as much as they search for other things. The beauty and blessings about sacred fortunes are that the awareness of them often come upon us unexpectedly and we only experience them through the providence of God. Life pulls us up steep hills of progress and there on the hilltop, many people find their fortunes. Life also drags us down in the dungeon and there many people find theirs.  Some find theirs in quietness, and some find theirs in the noise. Some find theirs in order and some in chaos. Some find theirs in sickness and some in health. Some in imprisonment or loneliness and some in freedom or friendships. Fortunes are not in hiding, they are very visible. It just depends on where you look for yours and the direction you follow to find them. If you are looking in the right places, with the right mind set, you will find them. In fact, when you find them, you may realize that they were not so far from you in the first place.

When will you find your fortunes? 

It depends on the Hands that turn the clock.  Although, we often use the colloquialism, time will tell, unfortunately time cannot speak, and neither does it predict. However, when the right time comes, God reveals what He needs to reveal. Time sometimes seems to run ahead of us. When it comes to fortunes, sometimes it moves too slowly for our liking. But, the One who is not controlled by time, Masters it, and He knows when. It’s a good thing that time does not speak, it would be forced to tell us a lot of information that we are not ready to hear. But, with regards to when, the earlier you seek after your fortune, the better. Then, time wouldn’t matter as much to you and when you find your fortunes, it will be perfect timing.

 Why do you need to look for Fortunes?

You need to look for fortunes for two reasons. One, great discoveries first begin with a search. You cannot experience this greatness in your life without seeking the things that will make you great. Two, undiscovered fortunes are wasted fortunes. Imagine a dying father leaves a special inheritance for each of his four children, but it is never discovered, simply because they never even looked. To live your life span and not discover your fortunes is eternally devastating. By deliberately searching for them, you will begin to understand and activate the code of your existence. By not searching for them, you will forfeit your responsibility to find and unlock sacred treasures which no one else can find or unlock. You were born to find those things that will grant you prominence and favor with God.

I challenge you to begin the search.

Proverbs 19: 21, “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

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