Alone She Sits

Alone she sits.
But lonely, she is not.
Sometimes stars clothe her,
Other times she is nude.
Bare in space’s infinity
Beautiful beyond beauty
Breathless beyond breath.

Alone she sits.
But lonely she is not.
Earth’s countless eyes
Gaze upon her brilliance.
Million beings
Rinse in her radiance.

She is intangible,
She is pure,
She is gentle,
She is loud,
Yet eternally silent.

Sometimes she is just a glaze
Sometimes she becomes a smile,
Other times she is half-full.
Still, once she is there
She sits alone
But never lonely,
The stars serenade her
The heavens embrace her
The earth adores her.

She is not a mere symbol of light!
She models the morning’s majesty
She wears the sunset’s splendor
She is the lone eye
In the night sky.
She is the moon.

Poem originally published in Tête-à-Tête: Conversations with the World (2009).

The moon is so lovely tonight.

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