Waiting on God? How to wait with Confidence and Poise

Are you waiting on God for your fortunes? Welcome to the waiting room.  Millions are on the waiting-list for some item to enhance their lives. We all are hoping, longing and waiting for some precious and personal things. By the way, how long have you been waiting?  Years? Months? Days? It seems like forever, doesn’t it?

Waiting is sometimes very difficult, especially waiting for the unknown. We wait on God for big and little things, and those things are very important to us. Does God know that they are important? I’m sure that He does, but, why does He let us wait so long? We have our answers, but He knows the ideal answer that suits each individual.

Have you ever wished that you could just sit quietly and wait without being antsy, worried and nervous? Have you ever imagined yourself waiting in full confidence and peace? If you don’t realize it, while you’re waiting on God, as much as it is hard, it can also be rewarding and peaceful.

I know you would prefer that kind of waiting, than the sleepless nights kind of waiting. It’s possible. As much as we need a few sleepless nights to develop our sobriety and to encourage us to seek the Lord; they shouldn’t be sleepless nights from worrying. I have been waiting too and I sought God about the wait. He gave me some insights that I know is also very relevant to your life.  In the next few days, what I will share with you about the wait is Biblical, proven and tested by those who have mastered the principles of the waiting room. By participating in this waiting series, you will receive blessings that will only be yours. Those around you will see the difference in your life. God wants us to help each other during the wait.

We recently completed the 30 day Design Series, but, in no more than 7 posts, we will discuss the Wait Series. People want to learn how to wait on God with poise and confidence. This is exactly what we will discuss. We will explore questions like, why does God makes us wait, what motivates you to wait and what should you do during the wait?

God wants the wait to be life changing, not worrisome. This series will not make the wait easier, because you will still have to live in the circumstances in which you are waiting, but it will be more calming. In addition, the series will give you strength for the wait, it will provide you with support during the wait, and it will show you how to sustain yourself while you wait. With strength, support and sustenance, waiting will not be such a chore. It’s about time for us to enjoy waiting on God; it’s possible.

Psalm 33:20 “Our soul waits for the LORD; He is our help and our shield.”

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