Pillars of Patience: Understanding the Wait Problem

Waiting as a concept needs no introduction, we understand what it is to wait. However, most people struggle with how to wait. The act of waiting is not the problem; it’s the attitude during the wait that gets the best of us. Numerous times we are told, “you have to wait.” But hardly are we told how to wait. It makes sense then to address the attitude during the wait, so that we can confidently perform the act  with poise.

In this microwave ready society, waiting is often excruciatingly painful.  Some people just don’t want to, or like to wait. Some don’t mind waiting, but are unaware of the best ways to peacefully endure the wait.  If you are one of those people, this series of posts will definitely help you.

Whether we want to or not, we have to endure life’s daily wait demands. We wait in traffic, wait in line, wait for people, wait for the bus, just to mention a few.  Some of those wait demands we handle well; others we don’t. In addition, when we visit certain places, we have to plan to wait.  All those types of daily waiting, are under the caption The Worldly Wait.  In this kind of waiting, we wait on all sorts of things and all sorts of people.

Then, there is The Spiritual Wait, which is waiting only on God. Right now, many people are experiencing the spiritual wait.  Sometimes we ask God to grant our requests; He responds quickly and favorably. Other times, there is the lengthy wait—a ginormous task for us.  The everyday Worldly Wait is relatively easy compared to waiting on a God, who sometimes seems to lock Himself away and hide for years. This kind of waiting is grueling. It gets to us. It gets us in trouble. It gets us sick with worry. It gets us doubtful and eventually, many give up on the wait.

We cannot avoid the spiritual wait. Why? You already know the answer; God’s timing is not our timing. But, haven’t you been frustrated just waiting? Haven’t you poured out your heart to God countless times, just pleading for that one thing? Haven’t you spent hours just explaining to God why you need it, what you are going to do when you get it and how different your life would be if you had it?  And then you wait because you promise God that you would. You wait for a few days, then months, then years and you wonder, What’s the hold-up, God?  You try to understand. You pray. You praise. You plead. You pledge. You fast. But, God says, “Wait.”

Some of us eventually do our own thing. Some of us are miserable during the wait. Some of us think God has forgotten. Some of us believe that He doesn’t intend to answer the prayer. Therefore, the spiritual wait problem is serious.

The many places where I sought advice about waiting, told me to: have faith, believe and pray. But, I still found it challenging to wait. So frequently, we hear, have faith, but how do you do that? Believe? Yes, but many people don’t know how to do that either. It’s not enough to say, “Have faith.”

For the Spiritual Wait, there are three pillars that you need: strength, support and sustenance.  If you have been extremely weak during your wait, it could be that you are not well equipped with these pillars.

Strength: This is the backbone of the patience. If skyscrapers are to stand tall, they need bedrock in their foundation.  We don’t see the bedrock that secures a skyscraper. But, we know it is there supporting the building. If you are to endure the wait, you will need some bedrock, deep-rooted in your mind to strengthen you during the rough wait. I have two bedrocks to share with you, it’s all the bedrock you need for the wait. This base will fortify your mental position and confidence.

Support: We all need a support system during the wait. The Bible offers so many encouraging words. People often over use scriptures about trust and faith. After a while, those scriptures, though powerful, become empty and meaningless from mundane repetition. However, there is a way to choose scriptures that will speak to you every time and provide the precise support that you need. These will give you the poise.

Sustenance: The wait can take years. Many of us are afraid of waiting that long, but you will receive a foundation that will furnish your faith as the years go by.  When it comes to sustenance, you need to sustain yourself and of course God will sustain you. We will discuss provisions that will sustain you.

Those who participate in this series will be hopeful about the waiting process and the waiting period. Waiting is more pleasing when we prepare. You will be prepared to wait, even if you are not ready. Preparation is practical, readiness is mental, and that part is up to you.

Therefore, once you are ready, sleepless nights and worrying should begin to minimize and will eventually cease. Since we don’t know how much longer we have to wait, why not prepare for the spiritual wait? The first thing you need to understand is, we all have to endure The Spiritual Wait. Ask God to prepare your mind, so that you can be ready.

In the meaning time, starting thinking about that fortune you have been waiting for, is it valuable to you?

Isaiah 40: 31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

Join me on Sunday for the post, Why Does God makes us wait?  Then on Tuesday, we will begin discussing how to construct our pillars of patience.

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