Day 18: Time to Reflect

Just behind the beating of our hearts Our lovely spirits reside Our unspoken emotions dwell Our fettered passions rest silently Waiting to be aroused. Behind the beating of our hearts, Our undreamt dreams still sleep, Our love, though real, is illusive Our impassioned spirits boil quietly, Anxious to be discovered. Behind the beating of our... Continue Reading →

Day 15: You are Designed For a Balanced Life

Balance is a delicate state of being; a beautiful concept, born when God said, "let there be…” thereby calling the world into existence. Balance has varied meanings. The definition you hear depends on whether an accountant, an artist, a scientist, a mother, or a mathematician is speaking. In life we may see brief evidences of... Continue Reading →

Day 11: Time to Reflect

Sometimes, after years of searching We find ourselves We find our souls We find the passion that Ignites our beings and Makes our inner beauty glow Sometimes, after years of seeking We find our fortunes We find our dreams We find the main thing that Moves our spirits and Makes our true essence show Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

Day 8: You are Worth the Risk

Before the foundation of the world, God thought of you. He knew everything that you would do, everything that you are currently doing, and everything that you will become. Still, He called your name and said, “_______, I am taking a chance on you, you are worth the risk.” Knowing the details of your life,... Continue Reading →

Day 6: You are A Design of Ingenuity and Purpose

Our Designer—yours and mine—is the prodigy of ingenuity. His ingenuity is being questioned, but it is unquestionable. From the awestruck awakening of the sunrise, to the night sky sprinkled with stars, nature boasts creativity.  From the unfounded edge of the horizon, to the unmarked height of the heavenly skies, ingenuity permeates the universe. Even the... Continue Reading →

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