The Man in Linen Clothing

I never realized how much “linen” was mentioned in the Bible until I started my study on the book of Ezekiel. In a few places of the account, Ezekiel mentions “the man in linen clothing.” Not having the background knowledge of linen, it made no sense to me. And it just may make no sense... Continue Reading →

God of Dead Bones

When I think of a graveyard, finality, silence, ghosts, captivity, sadness, as well as ruins come to my mind. In this context, it is so easy to draw a parallel between the ruins in our lives and the graveyard. For right at the door of ruin, death lurks. Right in the heart of ruin, there... Continue Reading →

When Walls Come Tumbling Down

  People build walls because, they seek protection or privacy, they need a sanctuary or secrecy, and because they want to establish borders.  However, when God calls for the ruins, no wall can save us. In Ezekiel’s days, there were some false prophets telling the people to build walls, not so much literal walls, but... Continue Reading →

Ruins of All Ruins

God created our world to be a beautiful place. In the Genesis of human existence, Moses gave us a meager but satisfactory picture of the loveliness God lavished upon this world during those six days of creation. In our everyday experiences and travels, we get to see glimpses of God’s glory in the sunrise. We... Continue Reading →

Our Worth and Our Unworthiness

Everything on earth regarding humanity, every struggle, every desire, every relationship, everything about us, every job, every friendship relates to one underlying motive…finding our worth. We know, even though some won’t admit it, we know our unworthiness. The Word declares that “we are born in sin and shapen in iniquity…all our righteousness are like filthy... Continue Reading →

God is Negotiable

It seems hard to believe that the omnipotent God is negotiable but Ezekiel proved that He is. In chapter 4, God said this to Ezekiel, “Each day take flour from the barrel and prepare it as you would barley cakes. While all the people are watching, bake it over a fire, using dried human dung... Continue Reading →


This week we witnessed God's grace and mercy through the life of Ezekiel.  As you reflect, think on God's offer to save you. In preparation for next week's post, read the latter chapters of Ezekiel. God is pleased that you are taking this journey and I pray that He continues to nourish your life with... Continue Reading →

Remnants in the Ruin

When you think of the word “remnant,” what comes to your mind? The dictionary says, remnant “is a small remaining quantity of something.”  Residue, leftovers and remainder are common synonyms for remnant. For example, we often talk about the remnants (leftover or remains) of food. Remnants in the ruin has a similar association, when we... Continue Reading →

Lonely in the Ruins

When I think of loneliness in the ruins, the prodigal son immediately comes to mind. He had friends whilst he had money. Once he depleted his funds, they vanished. Except for the hogs, he was lonely in the hog pen, facing the ruins of choice and consequences. When Job was in the ruins of disease,... Continue Reading →

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