Which weighs more,

Your worth or your unworthiness?

Who holds the scale that calculates your worth?

Who holds the scale that weighs your unworthiness?

In the hands of humanity

Your worth is good or bad or ugly

Your worth is rich or poor or pretty

In the hands of Divinity

Your worth is as infinite as the horizon

Your worth is as incalculable as the stars

It is unparalleled, precious like every breath

And in every second you exhale

Your worth is cherished more, not less

Now, as for your unworthiness?

Yes, it is covered in scars

Not yours, but His.

Yes, it is tied to a cross

Not yours, but His.

Yes, it comes with shame

Not His, but yours.

Still, God took all of your disgrace to prove

That your worth is far weightier, loftier and dearer,

Than your unworthiness.

So rise up,

Step out of the darkened room of despair

Walk into the well-lit room

And let your indisputable worth

Find its place to bloom.

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