January: This is your time

You are given time

Second chances as it were, in every second.

Time is set to a constant tick tock

And there is no resetting of life’s clock.

Although you cannot start your life over,

This is your time; this is your century

To begin a new way of life

Launch an exploration of yourself

Emerge from the shadows,

Step out into the arena,

And face life.

Battle with the bulls she sends.

Perform on the stage she gives.

Reverently seek after her mysteries

Submit to her mystical powers, and,

Let time do what it does well;

Let it heal what it is to heal

Let it cultivate character in you

This is your time

Value it as a special gift

Utilize it as a sacred treasure

Prioritize it; it is your ONLY time.

Live it not in seconds and hours

But in honorable moments

In building legacies every day

And leaving trails to guide humanity,

To the eternal pathway.

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