Fortunes have favored you so

But, where do they come from?

Like pollens, the winds have blown them in

And dispersed them ubiquitously

Without frugality

Like flowers, you’re pollinated with goodness

Though you may not perceive it

You’ve blossomed and bloomed

Though you may not believe it

Fortunes have blessed you so

The rain is poured down like confetti

And sprinkled on every creation

Without reservation

Like pastures, you’re covered with green abundance

If only you’d tally your blessings

You’re full and fruitful

If only you’d recognize your gifts

Even though storms will come

Like rainbow, miracles do appear

With hues of hope

And they call out the sun

After your storms are done

On this journey of your life

Fortunes have favored you so

In more ways than one

Because you are so well loved!

You are so very well loved!

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