It takes courage to face tomorrow

When yesterday is laden with struggle

It takes courage to walk the unacquainted path

When fogs of uncertainty cloud the way

It takes courage to make changes

When difference is unwelcomed

It takes courage to say YES to challenges

And courage to say NO to comfort

It takes courage to lose the argument

And courage to win the battle

It takes courage to stand up in the crowd

And courage to stand down in the conflict

It takes courage to seek shelter in the storm

And courage to seek progress in the calm.

It takes courage to look into your life

And say, “This is me,

This is who I am,

All of my broken pieces are mine

All of my golden pieces are mine

All of my mistakes are mine.

All of my past is mine.”

It takes courage to recognize the worst of yourself

and transform it.

It takes courage to identify the best of yourself

and pursue it.

It is takes courage to say “This is me now.”

And courage to look into tomorrow

And see who you can become.

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