Fortunes Have Favored Us

Fortunes have favored us so Where do they come from? I can't say that I know But like pollens The winds have blown them in And dispersed them Ubiquitously Without frugality Fortunes have blessed us so Where do they come from? I can't say that I know But the rain falls Like confetti poured down... Continue Reading →

The Significance of The Sacrifice

Why was the sacrifice on the cross so important and necessary for humanity? There is Jesus, the son of God. There is the cross. But there is also the sacrifice. Of  course, we can never speak of the sacrifice without mentioning Jesus or the cross, but by understanding the sacrifice we can better understand the... Continue Reading →

You Belong to Christ

Paul ends 1 Corinthians 3 with a conclusive statement, “you belong to Christ, and Christ is God’s.” We already know that we are created by His own hands and for His own purpose. But, own is also an action word; as a verb, it means to possess something. Ownership is definitely pleasing and wonderful. To... Continue Reading →

Fight until Every Fight is Fought

The fight of life is a laborious fight. Everyone is called to fight, but not everyone wants to fight. Not everyone will fight to the end. In this life, battles of all types are around us; spiritual, physical, health, financial, social, emotional, political and psychological. Every corner of life, battles pounce upon us, ready to... Continue Reading →

God is Still Lord

On Wednesday morning November 9, 2016 when Donald Trump won the presidency, God was Lord. Had Hillary Clinton won, God would still be Lord. Today, tomorrow, and forever, God is, will be and will always be Lord. If you are trusting in God, then no need for protests and no need for relocation, “the earth... Continue Reading →

God Still Calms Storms

I don’t have to ask you if there are storms in your life. In this kind of world, storms will come, both the natural and the spiritual. Thankfully, God allows storms that are necessary to build our faith and strengthen our walk with Him. Those kinds of storms, we do not like. But, God allows... Continue Reading →

God Still Parts Red Seas

If right now, only a miracle, supernatural power, or divine intervention, can help you in your circumstances, then you are facing a red sea.  But, here's some good news for you, God still parts red seas. Many moons ago Moses and the Israelites faced their red sea. Before them was the treacherous Red Sea; behind,... Continue Reading →

God Still Turns Mountains Into Plains

I like mountains—from a distance that is. When they are covered in fog, feathered with green-bluish leaves, covered in snow, or simply snuggled beneath puffy white blankets of clouds. However, when they become synonymous to life’s struggles, I can’t say that I like them. More than likely you can’t either. We may use different lexicon... Continue Reading →

What are you REALLY afraid of?

Venturing out to find your place, to realize your God-given dreams, to move out of your comfort zones, to leave family, or just to embark on a new journey is a fearful ordeal for many of you. Some are afraid to pursue the thing that would grant them both personal fulfillment, and spiritual fulfillment.  Can... Continue Reading →

Who Will Stand In The Gap?

The gap is not the best or safest place in which to stand; no wonder, it is often hard to find someone who will. The gap is not a comfortable place or position in which to stand; no wonder, so many people find the gap unsuitable. The gap is a lonely place in which to... Continue Reading →

Where Does The Sun Go When She Sets?

Where does the sun go when she sets? She gently pulls the curtain Softly turns out the light And whispers a sublime, “Goodnight” Where does she go when she recedes? She sparks a gorgeous flame Sets the skyline aglow Then takes off till her morning show She is prompt; she leaves on the dot Maybe... Continue Reading →

Grace Loves Me Still

It's morning again Daylight seeps through my window sill I stretch I yawn I open my eyes And then... I realize, Grace loves me still She blew me another wake up kiss One that I can't resist She gives me second chances Many that I deserve to miss Even though I've soiled Yesterday's pages She... Continue Reading →

Alone She Sits

Alone she sits. But lonely, she is not. Sometimes stars clothe her, Other times she is nude. Bare in space’s infinity Beautiful beyond beauty Breathless beyond breath. Alone she sits. But lonely she is not. Earth’s countless eyes Gaze upon her brilliance. Million beings Rinse in her radiance. She is intangible, She is pure, She... Continue Reading →

The 5 W’s of Fortunes

What are Fortunes? If you were asked to write the name of something you consider a fortune on a piece of paper and drop it in a box labelled “fortunes” what would you write? By definition, fortunes means riches or treasures; everybody has a little or a lot of those. In today’s society, so many... Continue Reading →

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