Day 6: You are A Design of Ingenuity and Purpose

Our Designer—yours and mine—is the prodigy of ingenuity. His ingenuity is being questioned, but it is unquestionable. From the awestruck awakening of the sunrise, to the night sky sprinkled with stars, nature boasts creativity.  From the unfounded edge of the horizon, to the unmarked height of the heavenly skies, ingenuity permeates the universe. Even the... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Time to Reflect

God wants us to make time for our minds to wonder off about Him. What was He thinking when He designed you? God was thinking perfection, but let Him minister to your spirit today. It is much better when God directly brings us comfort and points out the path that He has for each of... Continue Reading →

Day 3: You are a Thought of Perfection!

Who would have thought, that you are a thought of perfection? As inadequate as you are, the original thought of you is perfect. I say “is,” because a thought will always be a thought—even though thoughts are transient. Therefore, the perfect thought of you still exists. So, if you think that you are so perfect,... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Discover the Fortunes Within You

People have been on self-discovery journeys numerous times in their lives, but they have passed themselves along the way. Others have begun the expedition to find God, yet miss glimpses of Him in the process. One reason is, they were looking in the wrong place.  It is easy to look in the wrong place because... Continue Reading →

Day 1: Your Fortunes are Waiting for you!

Everyday brings newness. With the present upheavals and uncertainties all around us, we wonder what today will bring. Today, like all other days, we continue our quest for survival, and our pursuit for something better. It is also a new day for self-discovery, to start over, to tackle new challenges, and of course, to continue... Continue Reading →

Rest Me in Thy Love

Rest me in thy love Lord Like a fallen bird with a tattered wing Lay me in the palm of thy hands Smooth my ruffled feathers And heal my broken wing Set me free to scale the heights And hear the songs I sing Rest me in thy love Lord Like John upon thy breast,... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Touch

What's in a touch The brush of edges Where surfaces unite What's in a touch The point of contact Where compulsions collide A touch of breath Gave humanity birth Eve's touch did cast A curse upon the earth An angel's touch Impaired Jacob's hips A touch of fire Purged Isaiah's Lips Uzzah's quick touch Caused... Continue Reading →

Liberty or Victory

There is liberty and there is victory, which one do you prefer?  Yes, it is a matter of choice. Many people prefer to win than to be free, and some prefer to be free than to win. Both are good for us depending on what we are liberated from and what we are victorious in.... Continue Reading →

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