About Finding Fortunes

As sojourners on this earth, we are always seeking to enhance our lives.  Your search has brought you to Finding Fortunes, the place where we share fortunes that help people to face the challenges of life.  We encourage you as readers to recognize them, accept them and then use the fortunes you find here to color your lives with peace, happiness and love.

So, what are fortunes? People often derive their own meaning.  But, the best fortunes are the gifts, blessings, inspirations, and even tribulations, God has placed in our path. These fortunes bring us hope, give us strength and increase our faith as we journey to eternal life.

When people mine for gold, they don’t always come across a huge nugget. In many instances, they find little pieces along the way; and then one unexpected day they may find a huge chunk. That kind of discovery calls for celebration. We hope that through the work of the Holy Spirit, you will find those little nuggets that lead you to valuable discoveries. We also hope that you will accept the fortunes God has placed in your life and that you will celebrate what He has done.

Our Mission

Some people are overwhelmed by the many religious theories that exist. At Finding Fortunes, our resource book is the Bible. If the Bible says it, we believe it. We endeavor to help people find those little fortunes that will ultimately lead them to the greatest fortune of all, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Our Prayer

Firstly, that what we say and do reflect the instructions of the Bible. Secondly, that the spirit will help you to use your fortunes wisely. And finally, that your visit to this site will be rewarding and will motivate you to grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Request

Don’t forget to share the fortunes you find with others so that we all can grow together in Christ. Thank you for visiting Finding Fortunes.

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