He gives you little doses of grace

A little each morning, a little during the day

A little on the rugged paths, a little in the plains

A little in the sunshine, a little in the rain

A little in your joy, and a little your pain

He gives you little doses of grace

When words won’t speak, when hearts seem weak

When sadness surrounds, and impatience peaks

A teaspoon when you’re brave, a teaspoon when you fear

A teaspoon when you doubt, and a teaspoon for your faith

He gives you little doses of grace

In the loud thunderstorm, in the quiet overcast morn

In life’s expectancies, and even in her surprises

In a soothing cup of tea, in the crisp clean breeze

In the turmoil of your soul and in the calm of inner peace.

He gives you little doses of grace

In a genuine friendly smile, in the comfort of a touch

In good times or in bad, in little or in much

In the melody of a song, in the blossoms of the flower 

In the spring, in the fall, in this very hour

And in this very moment                    

His presence surrounds you, He’s with you

Every second in every day

He’s giving you little doses of His everlasting grace

Artwork: Avocet Brooks ( Used with Permission)

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