In this season of birth

When flowers burst from the earth’s womb

May you remember the seeds of death

Buried, and sometimes lost in forgetfulness

While joyous birth is born

Devastating death tarries nigh

Sadness sometimes emerges with the dawn

While gladness swells with the midday sky

Beyond one horizon, happiness brightens the air

Beyond another, gloom darkens the atmosphere

Sunshine has no season, storms have no say

They both come in June, December or May

Plants grow from dying seeds

Springs come with the rains

And the delights of childbirth

Comes only after the pain

Your hope may sway when disasters strike,

Your faith may plunge when tragedies surprise

But betwixt the sunshine and the rain

There is a promise just for you,

A rainbow arching high to proclaim

“As God is in the sunshine

 As God is in the rain

He is with you in your joys

And He is with you in your pain.”

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