On the rugged path

Well-taken by many feet

Age and Beauty walked side by side

In a solemn retreat 

Lost in the dirt trail

Buried by trees so tall

They emptied hearts and whispered tales

Of flashbacks and recalls 

Up and down the path

They plodded, as they chatted, of,

Life and her common ups and downs,

Of paths smooth and those rough

Of life’s cautious care,

Of her strict, but loving hand

Guiding the years, and lessons learned

From her instructing wand.

 Age took gentle steps

With confidence in her stride

Knowing that God, who made the path

Has never let her side 

Beauty tagged behind

With humble awe and reverence

Knowing that age walked with wisdom

And she, with innocence.

 Life had laid the path

But they must journey on

Over bumps, logs, creeks and ditches

To a paradise beyond

Always conscious that

Despite the challenges here,

Paradise awaits us there

Artwork: Avocet Brooks

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