Time passes, and seasons skip by

Spring’s flowers already bloomed

Summer’s heat is rising high

And gloomy fall will stroll in soon

All dressed in her stunning gown

Of green, orange and golden brown

Time passes, and soon you’ll hear

“We’re at the end of one more year”

December bells will soon begin to ring

Christmas carols you’ll soon begin to sing

And you’ll wonder, where does the time go?

We often say, “It flies by quickly so.”

And you’ll question, “Have I done everything?

Did I accomplished something this year?”

This your time; this is your century

Are you building rich memories?

Times is passing, and moments flee

You cannot contain time in your pocket

You cannot frame it in your locket

The only keeper of your times and century

Is to engrave the moments within your memory

Time is passing, years come and years go

But memories often run a recurring show

So build rich memories, not those you’ll regret

Build truth, build love, build faith, build friendships

Build values, build hope, build trust, build service,

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