Sacrifice is silence when you’d rather speak

It’s time spent that you’d rather keep

Sacrifice is doing today what you’d rather not

To reap fortunes from tomorrow’s lot.

Sacrifice is loving when hate seems fitting

It’s resisting when desire is appealing

Sacrifice is living when life seems daunting

It’s thriving when victory is delaying.

Sacrifice is painful and lonely

A personal and private journey

Every man must tread his own

And to each man his golden crown.

Sacrifice time and you’ll find triumph

It is your transport to success

Sacrifice haste and you’ll find patience

It is your back street to completeness

Sacrifice pride and you’ll find honor

It is your pathway to loveliness

Sacrifice quitting and you’ll find treasures

It is your road to achievement

Sacrifice doubt and you’ll find faith

It is your window of hope 

Sacrifice hate and you’ll find grace

It is your key to heaven’s chamber

Labor today in the field of sacrifice

And reap the harvest of tomorrow.

Avocet Brooks ( Used with Permission)

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