He paced the rough ground,

Taking many nervous steps

Impatiently, waiting,

But waited, no less

Time eluded him,

Morning trickled down to noon

But he kept believing,

It’d be over soon

Noon slid down to eve,

And night screams were loud and clear

Sadly, he knew these were pains

That he couldn’t bear

They had come this far,

Nine rugged months of brewing

He smiled at the thought of,

‘A Savior cooing’

He was more at peace,

The screams were now dying

Then, suddenly

He heard, the baby crying

The Promise was here,

The Gift had finally come

The One, the Messiah,

The birth of God’s son

His heart was full of joy,

Heaven’s choir began to sing

He is the proud father,

Of a newborn King

Angels spread the news,

To shepherds their flocks keeping

While tucked in Joseph’s arms,

Our Savior, laid sleeping

This promise is yours,

Hold Him close and very dear

He grants you new chances

With every New Year.

Artwork: Avocet Brooks

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