Crossing Over: From the Womb into the World

A newborn’s cry is a precious thing. When babies are getting ready to be born, everyone around, in, or outside of the room, perk their ears for the precious sound of the baby’s cry. That cry is the rendition of life, health and loveliness. Nobody will complain at that moment that the baby is crying too much, because so much joy and gratefulness will fill the heart.  Another miracle is born.

Many years ago, in a manger, a little baby boy gave a cry, and brought hope into the world.  We know the story so well. Millions have come to accept and fall in love with baby Jesus. It is indeed a heartwarming tale of humility, love, and surrender. Many also know that Jesus is the greatest gift given to man. Many know His purpose, that he came to save the world. We can accept that this birth story tops all other birth stories, but what of our gifts and what of our purpose?

Jesus was a gift and so are we. Every man who crossed over from the womb into the world came as a special gift to someone and a gift to humanity. Some parents may have been delighted or distraught at the outcome, but every baby born into this world breathes the breath of God. Job confirmed that, “the Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life” (Job 33: 4).  We are gifts to our parents, our family, but mostly gifts to the world.  There is no qualification to be this gift, except that we came from the hands of God; we are His gifts.

Jesus has a purpose and so do we. That Jesus was born to die, or that He is the Savior of the world is known. He came and willingly fulfilled His purpose during His life and at His climatic death. Each of us was born with purpose printed in our DNA. We toss aside the notion that we can do something of any measure of greatness, but the apostles did. They walked the streets, healing and teaching as Jesus did. They sacrificed their lives not for men as Jesus did, but for the gospel. We are also born to walk the path of Jesus and bear our cross (Luke 9: 23). We are also born to accomplish the purpose of our Heavenly Father. When we look through the lens of our Maker, we will realize that we all can’t be Princess Diana’s. We all can’t be Mother Teresa’s.  We all can’t be Billy Graham’s. But, we all can be exactly who God created us to be. Let God be the judge of your work and your worth.

Depending on your age, some years ago, somewhere on this planet, you crossed over from the womb into the world. Reminisce upon that moment and be grateful that a little cry was heard and you became God’s gift to humanity. Had Jesus came and was wayward, stubborn and unwilling, the great purpose for which He came would have been nullified. Where would our hope, our redemption, and our eternity be without Him? Likewise, God brought you into this world; to shun His calling means you would be depriving someone of something. Unless you fulfilled the calling, you wouldn’t know what that is.

In addition, as you reflect on Jesus as the greatest gift, may you be reminded that giving your heart to Him for His service, is your greatest gift to Him.

Psalm 139: 13, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”


He paced the rough ground
Taking many nervous steps
Impatiently, waiting
But waited, no less

Time eluded him
Morning trickled down to noon
But he kept believing
It’d be over soon

Noon slid down to eve
And night screams were loud and clear
Sadly, he knew those were pains
That he couldn’t bear

They had come this far
Nine rugged months of brewing
He smiled at the thought of
‘A Savior cooing’

He was more at peace
The screams were now dying
Then, suddenly He heard
The baby crying

The Promise was here
The Gift had finally come
The One, the Messiah
The birth of God’s son

His heart was full of joy
Heaven’s choir began to sing
He is the proud father
Of a newborn King

Angels spread the news
To shepherds, their flocks keeping
While tucked in Joseph’s arms
Our Savior laid sleeping

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