Oh, How He Loves You!

Oh, How He loves you so!
That before time’s wand sparked all creation
He carved your features, and considered you
And thoughts of you He’s been thinking, truly,
Are as much as the sand’s infinity

Why does He love you so?
He bottles all your tear drops in a jar
He’s always near, even when you stray far
He counts every strand on your hairy head
And sends guards to encamp around your bed

Oh, How He values you
More than a whole flock of graceful sparrows
Which so readily fly up to his heights
But you, you sit there with a broken wing
A soiled, ragged, sinful, unholy thing

Why does He love you so?
That your every need He gladly supplies.
That heaven rejoices, should you whisper
“I love you,’’ to Him, or should you repent
In response to the redemption He’s sent.

Oh, how He loves you so!
That before the ages smeared the pages
He knew your sinful disappointing tale
But, He rewrote it with His blood stained pen
And grants new chances again and again
Why does He loves you?

He’s preparing a place no eye has seen
More sublime than your mind can imagine
He measured time with an endless yardstick
Planted a yearning your heart can’t resist

Oh, How He loves you so!
That although He calculated the cost
Counted out death, weighed the tribulation
That humanity would have to endure
He extended the cent’ries to reveal
His love for you is eternal and real
Oh, how He loves you so!

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